In-Depth: Hunicke And Chen Talk TGC's Intriguing New Journey

At Indiecade on Saturday, Jenova Chen and Robin Hunicke discussed their work on Journey, the PSN-exclusive follow-up (due in 2011) to Thatgamecompany's acclaimed Flower, and Gamasutra correspondent Michael Abbott was there to document their discussion.

MA: If you're not familiar with Journey, it's a game in which players meet and travel with strangers through a vast landscape. The game purposely omits voice and text chat, so players must communicate in other ways.

Because Journey bears few similarities to other games, media coverage has tended to focus on its visuals, which often elicit comparisons to Fumito Ueda's Shadow of the Colossus. Chen and Hunicke acknowledge the influence, but Journey is a very different sort of game.

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erathaol3289d ago

Ever since Flower I am a believer in ThatGameCompany, I want to see them continue to make unique and interesting games. I will wait patiently for their next release, as I have Flower to keep me calm.

Jayjayff3289d ago

This game looks quite interesting i feel like i will be buying it, it should be good right?