XBG: First Two Worlds 2 Review

ITW: "Citing the game is "Huge, compelling and has been improved in the right places. Top-RPG!" and with a closing comment of "I am really sinking into this world, developing a potential for an addiction and experiencing this typical 'Only do this quest, this chest and kill that enemy' feeling"

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EVILDEAD3602981d ago

Looks good..we need more action Oblivion-like RPGs in our lives..glad they pushed the game back so we can through Fable 3 and Fallout Vegas and the game can get some shine..

TANUKI2981d ago

Agreed, more action oblivion-esque RPGs.

kancerkid2980d ago

How about less Oblivion like?

The combat was so easy in Oblivion. Block their attack, they recoil and you hit them a couple of times until the tried to hit you. Block them, rinse repeat. I never lose battles. SO boring. Not to mention you could run right past most enemies, which I started doing (with heavy armour) and they do never catch up.

Also, the main storyline was quite boring. You get to see very little of the world following the plot. Just that damn castle in the mountains. Oh, and the daemon worlds were all the same and so bland.

I had some fun with the quirky side quests, but that is about it.

So no, I do not hope this game is too much like Oblivion

MrAwesome2981d ago

When does it come out???

EliteAssass1n2981d ago

definitely on my radar now.

Bigpappy2981d ago

But this is only one early opinion. I am going to get it rather reviews are high or not.

dragonyght2981d ago

didnt this game got delay

Beahmscream2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

That's what I thought too? I hope it's a real review though, I have been looking forward to this game for a while.

Marcus Fenix2981d ago

the NA version got delayed to jan 2011, the EU release is this month, the game has 2 different publishers, one is publishing the game in NA and UK, which will release the game in jan, the other publisher will cover the rest of EU and probably other regions too which will release the game this month, not sure if the 360 version will be region free and I don't think so as that'll affect the publisher that'll release it in 2011 as ppl would just import the game, if u got a PS3 u can just import the game once it gets released.

SpikeSpiegel2981d ago

It seems that Two Worlds may have that Killzone 2/ Uncharted 2 potential (vastly improve over the original ).

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The story is too old to be commented.