Unity On Nintendo 3DS: 'Particularly Interesting'

When asked if game engine maker Unity might support Nintendo's new 3DS handheld, CEO David Helgason and product evangelist Tom Higgins expressed interest during an extensive Gamasutra interview.

Said Helgason, "We've given a good amount of thought to it. We cannot say anything about it; we cannot promise anything, but we are excited about it for sure."

He described the 3DS to Gamasutra as "a very compelling platform in many ways."

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SpoonyRedMage3291d ago

It's probably be a great idea for Nintendo to try and get them to port it. It could help 3DSware a lot if iOS games were easily ported and it's a good idea to get some middleware on the device, and Epic obviously aren' interested.

Could work out well for Unity too.