Little Big Planet 2 can even recreate a Movie

Thanks to the great creative minds of some users in the Little Big Planet 2 beta, it has now been proven that LBP2 can even recreate a movie specially SAW.


Edit: Sorry for the misunderstanding but it seems that this video is from LittleBigPlanet 1 but it hasn´t been confirmed yet.

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mrmcygan2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

This must have taken a long time to make

arnoldocastillo20032930d ago

Of Course i would like to play little big planet 2, didn´t have the luck of being chosen for the beta, but hey the game looks even more awesome.

dkblackhawk502930d ago

After I watched the whole video *Above did not...* I am questioning how many extra features LBP2 has...because its awesome!

arnoldocastillo20032930d ago

Its gonna even have mor extras and options that the beta doesn´t has believe me it will.

xtheownerzx2930d ago

The first game was great and i'm looking at this one to be even better.

cloud4952930d ago

I've played this on LBP1

arnoldocastillo20032930d ago

Really it should be nice to see it, can you search it for it please? to compare it.

LordMarius2930d ago

There are many Saw levels in the original LBP1 as well as other levels with movie themes.

arnoldocastillo20032930d ago

I know there are some levels in LBP1 but non of those levels in lbp1 does recreat the whole movie as the one presented in the BETA of LBP2 at least there are some big difference between the levels i have seen in LBP1 and with this new one of LBP 2 Beta.

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