Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: New Gameplay Footage

Brand new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit gameplay footage from GameFest 2010.

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jack who4076d ago

grr i had soo much hope for this game...come on ea its Need For Speed Hot Pursuit not BURNOUT loss the boost and the car damage plzzz

Redempteur4076d ago

car damage ?

everyone does car damage ..because it's the logical next step . you expect me to hit a car on the ongoing traffic and get away with it ?
accident = damage simple as that . Instead of blaming EA or criterion you should live in your time. heck even GT5 is having damage .can you imagine a racing game this gen without damage that isn't mario kart ?

VGChartS4076d ago

but not car damage

though i didn't play any burnout games,so i cant judge yet,all i want is a NFS:HP2 remake
and you got my 60 bucks on it

Elvfam5114076d ago

Wasn't there boost in NFS HP 2 when playing with a cop car?

HOSe4076d ago

that head on collision in the first video with the nissan truck seemed like all sorts of messed up.

the second video needs to be taken down asap. crap.

Bass_fisherman4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I played NFS Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 along time ago and i remember it being less faster and less agressive.

I dont remember busting a racer car with a police car by just pushing it a little over the side of the road...that seems more Burnout style to me than NFS HP2 ever was.

Bass Fisherman

Pandemic4076d ago

Looking good, can't wait to test out the demo.

MGRogue20174076d ago

A must-buy, I tells ya. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.