Five PS2 Games You Still Need to Play

We are coming to the end of an era: within the next year, if not sooner, most major gaming retailers will stop selling PlayStation 2 titles. But before you put your console out to pasture, here are five PS2 games that you absolutely must play, if you haven't already.

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versusALL2929d ago

and what an era it was, PS2 you will not be forgotten, all those games are wonderful in my book

360RRODFIX2929d ago

PS1 was better in my book.

socofsnails2929d ago

The thing about the PS2, though, was that it was also a PS1. And the PS3 is not always a PS2, unfortunately.

albel_nox2929d ago

I hate this list but PS2 truly had the best games lineup of all time in my opinion.

socofsnails2929d ago

It's just my opinion of course - and in fact, I mostly picked games I thought people (i.e. the mainstream gamer) might not have played. I know, at least, that I let Persona 3 and 4 slip me by since they came out right near the end of the PS2's life-cycle.

TABSF2929d ago

2 are HD Classics (coming as)
2 are Multiplats

socofsnails2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Ah, but this will be your last chance to buy them dirt cheap. I know, at least, that I had to make a little sojourn to the next town over in order to locate an inexpensive copy of Persona 3: FES (which, by the way, you couldn't really call multiplatform, since P3P doesn't have The Answer).