GameCrush is Live!

GameCrush, a site where gamers can play games with a variety of guys and gals if they're willing to plunk down some change, has gone live this week. Players can choose from casual flash games to some AAA titles like COD, Halo 3, Gears of War 3, Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Chango3299d ago

when i was 12 the chief gifted me an hour with a loose woman from the tribe to teach me the rites of passage of becoming a man.

see i was old enough to hold a rifle and didn't have malaria so I was ready to become a pebble of a large rock(other young boys)to fight a war against the whites.

it was worth it.

I'm 44 and a survivor

xino3299d ago

it's such a shame when I used the filter settings, ones with Xbawks 360 came with results and ones with PS3/Beast came with nothing:/