4D Graphics: A Reality Only For PlayStation 3

We all know what 3D graphics are - length, width & depth, but how many know what 4D graphics are?

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thereapersson4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


Also, while I believe that this whole "4D" thing is a tangible concept, I still that that Sony shouldn't have blurted it around so much when it's going to be at least 2 years before we start seeing games that take full advantage of stuff like this.

LOFT3164072d ago

you its gonna be a while before we see these kind of capabillaties in full action but some of the games that or out now and some that are due in the near future are touching on this damm these games are gonna be lookin better and better

solidt124072d ago

Yeah it will be in a few years when the PS3 starts using all the SPE processors on the Cell processor.

radzy4072d ago

i thought they sacked kutaragi ?

monkey6024072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

and radzy fanboys in general kill me. you are the same as your own worst enemy just working for the other camp

EDIT: thanks virus ;)

closedxxx4072d ago

Two years is being optimistic.
I don't imagine developers putting a lot of stock in this technology.
Although it is impressive as a concept, it doesn't have much practical application for the majority of todays games.
How long would you actually spend in one area in todays games?
Even in Oblivion, you weren't in the environment long enough for there to be any noticeable change to the environment, and even if there was a slight change, that is hardly the focus of the game.
Static environments are fine.
We live in day to day rooms that undergo very little change over weeks, months and years.
This "4D" graphics claim is just another bullet point to sell hardware.

This technology is not practical, or worth the time required to implement it.
I can't think of one developer that would want to spend the time to integrate "4d" graphics into a game instead of working on the function aspects of the game.

It just seems excessive

VirusE4072d ago

Well put monkey602! Bubbles for you

The KEN KUTARAGI4072d ago

I got canned a few months back :(

I mean........ I quit- er... ummm... RETIRED !! :)

Mu5afir4072d ago

This is perfect for various aspects of games.. an obvious use for this technology would go to RPGs. But even sport games etc.. can use them. Remember games like "NBA Bollars" etc.. now imagine playing that game, but you start out as a young kid, and grow old over time etc..

How anyone can ignore using TIME as a factor in gaming is beyond me.

larry0074072d ago

this is why UT3 x360 version is delayed.

The programmers were saying that they would have to massive downgrade the game to make it run on low powered x360.

console war is finished.

I feel bad for x360 owners who might have to dump their consoles in garbage bin STARTING SEPTEMBER

eLiNeS4072d ago

It's the only place you will go back to see your nice new living place look like a SH!T hole in a matter of days. It will turn in to a great place to show off your dusty trophies.

rareairtone4072d ago

Isn't that what the message at the end of the first video was saying?

ALI-G4071d ago

first it will be relased 1 year afteer 360 version @5fps @480i

just give me game to play even if it at 2D

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Odion4072d ago

uggg PSU just showed how stupid they are, 4D is not the progression of time, its the perception of it. To see 4D would be like looking right and being able to see everything thats going to happen in the future for what you can see as a constant stream. And looking left you'll see the past for that area as a constant stream.

This mearly simulates the progression of time.

THC CELL4072d ago

odion stop talking bollox man

psu has just showed u what 4d is

Odion4072d ago

sigh just to make you look like a moron


just watch up to 4D part. 4D is not something the human eye can see, the progression of time is not 4D if it were then we could say every show and movie that does that is doing 4D

cloud3604072d ago

well this 4d is a type of programming. only possible on ps3.

the 4d u showed was somonesleases opinion. it didnt exist.
and science is a lie

Systematrix4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

The human brain can't comprehend 4 spacial dimensions. Time is the 4th dimension but it's temporal, not spacial. Another "gimmick" to fool the ignorant.
Edit: Good link btw Odion.

Armyless4072d ago

The first 3 dimensions are simulated as well... I don't recall anyone bragging about giant floating holograms in their living rooms.

Systematrix4072d ago

I guess the people that disagreed with my comment actually think you can simulate or visualize 4 spacial dimensions? Our world is doomed.

VirusE4072d ago

Odion everything you are saying is correct but I think that the average iq and age in this thread is to low for the majority to comprehend it.

4d is a marketing gimmick nothing more.

DeadIIIRed4072d ago

Of course you can't see time, that was never the point of this article. The point is that you will be able to see the realistic effects of time. "It merely simulates time" uh....duh?! Everything in a video game is simulated if you break it down like you do. The point is to simulate time to make it look as realistic to a 3 dimensional world as possible. If you accept that current games are 3 dimensional then please spare us your bs and accept that a simulated 4th dimension is acceptable.

VirusE4072d ago

DeadIIIred I think you are missing the point that it isn’t a proper simulation and shouldn't be called 4d. I am not saying it isn't a viable and cool piece of tech but it isn’t really 4d and that is what odions point is. It’s just a cool marketing name. 3d games simulate the 3rd dimension 4d games are not simulating the 4th dimension as it can’t be simulated even with a real super computer like earth simulator.

tfur4072d ago

2 things... 4D objects, and procedural textures...

4D objects...

hypercube... screen saver on linux systems for a while... 4D vector data, projected on a 2D plane(monitor/tv)...

4D rendering...
The whole idea, is that you have textures in 3D space... if procedural, you can translate these attributes in time...

Go download POVray, a free raytracer, now apply a stone texture to a metaball or something... then translate one of the stone attributes (turbulence and scale) in time...

The Cell SPE's are just really good at this... this is where plain texture maps fail... procedural is the holy grail, since it has infinite scale or translation... Just like nurbs and implicit surfaces have infinite scale... Pixar Renderman uses procedural textures...

beavis4play4072d ago

i'd love to hear you explain your theory of 4D as indepth as the article explained what it really means.seriously, i want you to scientifically explain the "look to the left and see the past and look to the right and see the future definition of 4D"

sloth4urluv4072d ago

Thanks God VirusE has a brain. This isnt 4D, and you dont need procedural textures to mimmick what they are doing.

I can make that kind of effect on a way older engine by using a new texture, a dirty old texture and using some sort of animated alpha channel via vertex or alpha map texture.

Wii60_FTW4072d ago

4D = Time = Fony's latest Gimmick for their blind 2D ant slaves. Enjoy! ;)

Armyless4072d ago

I'll wait for you to look it up.

Still waiting.

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BIadestarX4072d ago

"Now, let’s fix a common misconception. These 4D renders can be processed on the Xbox 360 with an average mean time of 10-12 seconds. Yes. The renders are possible, but the dynamic realization of procedural texture streaming is not. The dynamic renders with characters in the scene, with progression of life through the time continuum, are not possible with the 360 system. It would take days to produce dynamic renders on the 360 in the fullest definition of 4D graphics." another article made by Sony fanboys in order to brain-wash even further their lemmings.

So, go on.... Sony fanboys click the link... And jump into the world of 4D graphics that only the PS3 can offer...

Sony has the authority of changing what 4D actually means. They did forgot to mention that developers will not bother using 5% of these capabilities (assuming it's true) since it would cost them cost them millions in development. but hey... it's good to know. This remind me when the PS2 came out... many of these articles fload the internet... and lots of tech demos. too mad none of them actually were implemented in games.

Lord Anubis4072d ago


it's a conspiracy, man.

A Man4072d ago

Your head is stuck so far up Microshafts arse. Jesus talk about scared.

MarioFromTexas4072d ago

You say it doesnt serve a purpose for games. Example you shoot a car and it catches on fire. Would you like to see the same car with orange flames all over it or would you like to see the car Disintegrate in real time in front of you. 4D is basically those special affects come to life not just smoke and little of particle affects. Bullets holes, explosions, hair affects, facial expressions, clothes dynamics. It's all caculated and control by time. It's probably not going to be in every game but AAA are going to be using it. I want better physics, animation, interaction with your surroundings and most of all a beleavable world caculated by time

sloth4urluv4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Mario you do understand that this 4D graphics is only the texture animating, cars wont disintegrate and chunks wont break off of walls when you shoot them because the textures are animated....

you assume that everyone that disagrees with you is an xbot, and in typical fanboy fashion make bogus claims armed with your vast knowledge of system architecture, enormous programming skills, and unmatched game designing talent.

either that or you looked at some pictures and half read an article and assume you know what your talking about.

Keep in mind some poeople are pc gamers, some are nintendo fans, others are just skepticle on buying a PS3, they are not xbots, and are not paid by microsoft to state their opinion, or point it out if someon is full of it.

Wii60_FTW4072d ago

Just reading these sony fanboy responses truly makes me sad for the future sake of humanity. Are we already in Mike Judge's Idiocracy? I think so. Wake up, morons. 4D is a marketing gimmick designed to trick the lowest IQ apes on the planet...YOU! LOL. monkeys.

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thereapersson4072d ago

But this whole "4D, 1080p blah blah blah" BS really gets on my nerves. Just release the damn games and STFU so gamers can experience all the things you talk about!

Lord Anubis4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

4D textures is only one of two things that will be in future games. IF you go to their website you'll learn a lot about 4D and there's a game that will take advantage of their middleware.