Retro Review: Dino Crisis (PSN)

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to do what any respectable gamer does: play horror games! However, which game should you play? If you're strapped for cash but still feel the need to pick up a great horror game (and if you own either a PS3 or PSP), you should head on over to PSN and pick up some great horror titles for a budget price. Trying to pick out the right game for your taste, however, is something that should be taken into consideration so I'll be combing PSN this October to help you, the reader, find the right old-school horror title. First in this series of reviews is Dino Crisis, an ambitious title by Capcom that blends action, horror, and dinosaurs into a unique package.

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Raoh3294d ago

once i'm done with some of my backlog of games i might pick this up from psn.. i loved it the first time around..

TheLastGuardian3294d ago

I bought this game from a thrift store earlier this year but haven't played it yet. I still have way too many other games to play first.