Exclusive: Microsoft to Shutter Massive Inc

Looks like Microsoft has a Massive failure on its hands. The software giant will shutter its in-game advertising unit Massive Inc. before the end of this month, according to sources close to the company.

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Mystogan2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

no worry's their making room for more first-party :)

Besides This is Massive inc an add company

Active Reload2934d ago

Massive fail? I've never heard of them.

aswan2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Why? The advertising they have now is successful

Oldsnake0072934d ago

and what does this mean ? seriously I don't understand it. someone clarify pls . thx.

v1c1ous2934d ago

microsoft purchased ingame advertising company. however, game companies such as EA figured out that they could handle their own in-game advertising for more money.

so now microsoft was stuck with an advertising company for ingame features that wasn't being used, and thus was a waste of money.

so some of the people behind the purchase, even when some people in xbox department were against it, are now fired for costing so much money to the company. so they are relocating staff to other venues and closing it down soon.

gamingdroid2934d ago

I actually think it was a great business opportunity, but I think the industry grew too large with the major publishers, which have the financial resources to setup their own department.

I think what they should have done is re-focused their business into casual games, the sort you find on iPhones, Facebook games and such.

jukins2934d ago

basically this goes in line with the downgrade in stock from goldman sachs. the xbox division basically wasted (reportedly) 300-400 million dollars and got no return.

Moonboots2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Where do you get your info?

There is no Xbox Division..

You might be referring to the Entertainment and Devices Division which makes up several different products, not just the Xbox.

The downgrade in stock was advised because MS is not launching a competing tablet PC and has nothing to do with Xbox.

I advise you do better research.

HuGi2934d ago

Why Microsoft bought this in 1st place ? what a waste.

Elven62934d ago

A few years ago just about every company was looking into doing in game advertising. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are perhaps the biggest users of in game ads, especially dynamic ones that change when you are logged into Live, PSN, etc.

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