Manhunt 2 Cleared for Release in US

Rockstar has finally received some good news over Manhunt 2: the game has been cleared for an October release in the US.

American ratings board the ESRB has granted the game an 'M' classification – which allows sale to consumers of 17 years and older – after Rockstar submitted a modified version of the title.

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MK_Red4405d ago

Sad sad sad that we get a censored version. So much for freedom of speech. Still, great news that we can finally play this masterpiece (Nintendo's own magazine gave it 9/10)

alexander22rednaxela4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

Maybe they just changed the color of blood to green, and changed the saw into a lollipopp, and the guns into candybars. that would make a T rating right there. ;)

MyNutsYourChin4405d ago

You continue to appall me with your interpretation of "freedom of speech." This is a multicultural society, this is not an individual's anarchist playground. There are rules, standards, and responsibilities to follow. Stop exaggerating the censorship and just be happy the game is finally worthy of a release.

MK_Red4405d ago

I know it was exaggerating but ESRB's move and Sony/Nintendo's banning of AO games for their consoles forced RockStar to censor its own game and I am strongly against censorship. (And more than hate it)

But I'm happy to see this game finally being released :)

HeartlesskizZ4405d ago

That is sad, maybe we can find the original version on the blackmarket of Ebay.

MK_Red4405d ago

I hope they release some kind of director's cut.

I'd pay double the normal price for that original version.

ItsDubC4405d ago

A PC version may see a patch that would allow us to play the game in its original form but the news article only pertains to the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions.

solidt124405d ago

Maybe after each murder there is a disclosure to kids saying don't try this at home. This is a reenactment with payed professional and is not real.

alexander22rednaxela4405d ago

How are they going to market the game now?
It`s going to feel very luke warm when it`s released, kind of simmilar to the difference between varm soup and cold soup.

If Bioshock comes out on the PS3 it`s also going to feel a bit like that, because a balence between good marketing and good gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.