IGN: GC 2007: Killzone 2 Blowout

The rocket launcher in Killzone 2 is pretty awesome. IGN had only had the Sixaxis controller in their hands for a few minutes when they ran across the behemoth and hoisted it onto their shoulder, but as they ducked down a dark alleyway and lightning crackled overhead, they couldn't wait to use the thing.

Killzone 2 doesn't happen on Vekta, the setting of the first console outing and Killzone: Liberation. Instead, you take the fight to the enemy's home world of Helghast. This puts your team at an immediate disadvantage. After living on the godforsaken rock for years, the Helghastians have grown accustom to living in survival suits and harnessing the constant lightning for their massive anti-aircraft cannon.

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Bilzac4099d ago

yo beat me to the story!!! lol..i was about to post it and then saw this lol

Loudninja4099d ago

At first I thought it was posted :(

krackchap4099d ago

future FPS games after the release of killzone 2,will be known as killzone killer and each of them will be killzOwned

Leg-End4099d ago

AND 360 fanboys will all get KILLZOWNED

Loudninja4099d ago

I get you next time! :)

Anywya, some good details!IOt runs very smooth, at 30FPS, in 720p

MaximusPrime4099d ago

Killzone 2 just killed Halo 3.

bring it on!

BIadestarX4099d ago

This game is going to be great. I like the details on the characters' faces.
I don't know if you are right about halo killer. Bungie is taking another direction as far as gamemplay is concern. Halo 3 is going to be unique compared to any other FPS when it comes to vehicles and arsenal of weapons, granades, etc. This game sure look better than Halo 3... but do you know if it will be more fun to play than Halo 3? With features like 4 Player co-op, very large multiplayer maps, and vehicles like the Elephant? I am not trying to undermind KillZone 2 since it will be a must own game and it will have graphics never seing in consoles before. but it will take more than great graphics to kill Halo 3. Then again... We only see the graphical component about this game. We don't know many details when it comes to weapons, maps, vehicles, etc... who knows maybe they will offer everything that Halo 3 will offer in terms of features... That remains to be seen.

Maddens Raiders4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

It could just be style over substance. =P

ISA vs. Helghast forever.

4099d ago
borntodie0074099d ago

well said ya ur right we no nothing bout the game and halo 3 will surly be good. not for the single player the only interest i have in halo is system link so i will see which has better to offer. i still think killzone will dominate halo

dantesparda4099d ago

Wow! Bladestar, are you ok? that was very unlike you. No, but seriously, i'll give you credit for that. That was a very even handed comment and very big of you and i commend you for it. Now if we could all be more like that comment and start growing up and try to be more sensible like bladestar just was, then these forums could be a better place and not a place for flame wars. Bravo Blade, kudos!

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