1up - Quantum Theory Review

Yes, Quantum Theory (like Gears) is all about shooting from cover, but it often goes overboard with rooms so dense with pillars that it's hard to see where enemies are or where they're coming from. This is a problem, by the way, that the game solves by also copying Gears' "look over here!" button, which when not pointing you to exactly where you need to go next, kindly turns you toward the nearest enemy.

El-Fenemeno12134734d ago

sony was smart by not making this a ps3 exclusive


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senorfartcushion48d ago

Every battle royale and soulslike. Every cartoony live service game with dancing

banger8848d ago

Nah most of the Soulslike games turned out pretty good. Probably the only one I didn't much like was Immortal Unchained.


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I Actually Played This — Quantum Theory

The author intentionally plays bad video games for your twisted amusement. Tonight's Episode: Quantum Theory.

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Goro3612d ago

I don't care what this guy think after he called Way of The Samurai 3 an awful game.

Bigpappy3612d ago

with Quantum Theory, I played the demo and was not impressed. I felt like they were trying to mix Gear of War with Lost Planet, and didn't do either very well. May be someone who never played either would have a blast with it though.

fOrlOnhOpe573611d ago

Yeah, I played the demo too but couldn't finish it....the thought of therapy was too much lol

SyphonELITE3611d ago

damn, i never even heard of this game til now

Yui_Suzumiya3611d ago

I followed this game forever until I finally came out. I got it and loved every bit of it. Originally supposed to be a PS3 exclusive. It got horrible reviews and I didn't understand any of them. They must've been playing a different game then me!

Spore_7773611d ago

Never played it, never will -_-