Exclusive Full Trailer Premiere: Hitman

The full trailer for movie adaptation of famous Hitman videogame series.

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MK_Red4901d ago

This could be the first good movie based on a game. It may not be a good game-movie and not much faithfull to Hitman games and legacy but the trailer shows a really decent to good action film.

TeaDouble_E4901d ago

To me he doesn't look like Agent 47, he look's to young to play that roll. Not only that he doesn't even have a british accent. He look's more like a punk rocker if he had a mohawk and a pierce eyebrow , bustin a olly on skate board.

MK_Red4901d ago

I mostly agree wiht you on the himan actor. He looks too baby faced for Hitman and the girl isn't really Hitman material but as I said, it may be a good action movie but not a good adaptation.

TeaDouble_E4901d ago

The only gripe I have about this movie is the actor. I do agree with you about the movie it self, this may be a good movie based on the game, unlike the Resident Evil movies.

MK_Red4901d ago

True. They should have chosen an actor more resembling Agent 47. Someone older and colder but at least Timothy Olyphant is a good actor(Dead Wood) and his acting skills may hide the appearance problems.
Another problem with the film is the love story IMO. The girl and whole emotion thing is really not Hitman material.

The best thing about it is that director said it will be a violent R rated movie true to the games not a washed up PG-13 rated like Mortal Kombat or AVP movies (Which were based on M rated games).

Madmax12819804901d ago

i think vin diesel would have been a good choice for the hitman role.

Fighter4901d ago

Vin diesel was only good in 'The Fast and the Furious' otherwise all his work is the exact same. Timothy Olyphant shows how versatile he is as an actor from his comedic role in 'The girl next door' to his dramatic and serious role in Deadwood. But then again the Halle Berry/ Hilary Swank factor may come to play where good actors choose the wrong roles for their career.

HeartlesskizZ4901d ago

I wathc it even if it get bad reviews, as i love the hitman games specially blood money, I never experience such good ending,(comimg back after dead) very cool.

slak4901d ago

yea this movie looks hot

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The story is too old to be commented.