The eventual release of Left 4 Dead on PS3

Rely on Horror: "We’ll be looking at the Left 4 Dead series and it’s eventual release on Sony’s Blu-Ray machine. Portal 2 will already be hitting the land of Blu, so what’s the hold up with Left 4 Dead? Speculation time!"

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Mystogan4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Yeah why wouldn't they it would be kinda stupid not to,
as long as they don't pull a Mass Effect(releasing only Mass Effect 2 on PS3 , i hope it will be canceled its just stupid not to have the whole story.)

Dragun6194737d ago

Yeah, it is possible now that Sony is supporting Valve and Enabling Steamworks on PS3 for Portal 2. That and the fact that Valve's been spreading to other platforms like the Mac.

@ Mystogan
You should note that Bioware hasn't gone into detail on how they'll introduce Mass Effect to PS3 owners, Only detail we received from them is that it will have hours of Bonus Content.

"Ray: What we're providing is an introductory module. We haven't revealed the details of what that is yet, but it's going to provide a lot of information on both the context and setting of Mass Effect."

CVG: Module is an unusual word; are you talking about a video, or is it something more interactive?

Greg: That remains a mystery."

AtatakaiSamurai4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

it may be possible that valve have l4d 1&2 on the ps3 version of l4d3 as part of a collectors edition where you pay 10 or 15 bucks more and with added new maps or new sp gameplay addition.

maybe they can have it on their for free as is, who knows?

deadreckoning6664737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

LOL, we were just talking about this in the "Valve takes a shot at Microsoft" post.

I hope they release L4D1/L4D2 this year on Blu-Ray.

Anton Chigurh4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I would really love to get High quality games especially from Valve.

SaberEdge4737d ago

Valve is an awesome developer and I am glad that they are now throwing full support behind the PS3. Half Life, Half Life 2, the Half Life episodes, Portal, Left 4 Dead....man, they are all really great games.

Sarcasm4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I just bought L4D2 on PC for $6.49 last night off steam. Worth every penny!

MrMccormo4737d ago

L4D is a great co-op series. My buddy Nate and I played through the Alien Breed demo and we were lamenting the fact that there aren't very many good co-op games anymore.

derseb4737d ago

it's gonna happen and i'm gonna be there to finally play it. it's the only game i'm missing on my ps3

Red_Orange_Juice4737d ago

Next instalment probably yes, but previous games quite unlikely, it's two games.

MrAwesome4737d ago

Sarcasm  +   1h ago
I just bought L4D2 on PC for $6.49 last night off steam. Worth every penny!

Lol that isn't saying much =p

Sarcasm4737d ago

^lol yeah L4D2 should have been a dlc expansion for L4D1, now the price reflects it!

mastiffchild4736d ago

Thing is paying the full retail for the 360 version is still one of the biggest cons this generation and /Valve are yet to mek a decent port of any of their PC for ANY console. Sure, TOB for PS3 was the worst but the 360 version is crap compared to the PC one(and not just gr4phically and even there that engine shouldn't be doing much either console would falter with, should it?)-the L4D games are no different in that they lag way behind their PC brothers.

If Valve brought L4D1 and 2 to PS3 in something L:IKE i8t's PC form then fine but nobody should wish for the same rip off we've suffered twice on 360 with these games. Of any games I've bought this generation the L4D titles rely on mods and user created stuff to keep the game fresh so not having them alone for 360 made paying MORE for the console version a bit much and when you add in less dev support, lower res, worse FPS and other corners cut for console it just isn't a game I'd want to buy(again) for either console. Valve are GREAT and I love them but they have never, to my mind, translated their PC quality to a console platform.

I also think a few people who game solely on their 360 just assumed they had a game of similar quality and depth to the PC(and for the price they really should have) because of all the pro MS and anti Sony/PS3/PS3 community stuff that used to come out of Gabe and Co. Sadly, we weren't getting that at all and if they don't step up their console output from now on and make similar efforts to some of their peers to narrow the quality gap between PC and console versions then they're better off dropping them and concentrating on PC where they have always been kings and good value(if a bit slow!).

To me it'#s as simple as this: I got L4D off Steam for about £20 and it's given me thirty times the pleasure the £40 360 effort has. Valve's console ports are never good value and with a limited set of backgrounds on the disc for L4D1 and 2 the lack of mods is a crippling omission alongside the other stuff-and the price is daft.

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BubbleSystemSuck4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )


now im playing Deadrising 2 with my friends, online Coop..
i cant wait to play L4D... i played it on my 360, but here in Paraguay PS3 win in a 9:1 ratio.

Deadrising, stupid and funny Zombies
L4D: scary and faster Kamikaze Zombies

AndrewRyan4737d ago

Left for Dead on consoles looks horrible on flat screens. Get it on PC man.

bananlol4736d ago

Left for dead have never been about visuals, but i agree, the pc vetsion is superior, not because of resolution but because yu can really feel how ot was designed with a mouse in mind.

mastiffchild4736d ago

Nah, it's the game with the biuggest overall drop in quality and featuires from PC to console that I've come across. I don't mind playing it with a pad either and it's the drop in res, framerate and quality allied to the higher price and lack of mods(VITAL for L4D imo)and lesser Valve support on 360 that make it a rip off on consoles. Any PS3 version must, at the very least, contain more stuff and allow mods to be brought over otherwise the full retail is not defensible in my eyes. They ripped us off twice on 360 and we'd let them do it again on PS3?

They are great on PC but haven't yet done it on consoles, not for me, and someone needed to say it. They got away with it on 360 by knocking the PS3 and now they seem in bed with Sony we gamers would allow them to repeat the process in reverse? Not without a rise nearer to PC quality I would hope.

King-Leonidas4737d ago

more zombies, ps3 keeps getting interesting every minute

punkpop1014736d ago

Yeah it's interesting to play a 2 years old game now because you were a fanboy and didn't have either a pc(witch you have probably since you entered n4g) or a 360.

Solid_Snakeps34736d ago

that's the most retarted comment i've ever read on n4g, congratulations

wicko4737d ago

L4D 1/2/3 on the same bluray would be pretty awesome, but probably unlikely.

AngryFork4737d ago

I think Sony will allow Valve to release free DLC also since it'll probably include Steamworks which has the free updates as part of it.

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SoSLy4737d ago

"They announced that Portal 2 will be seeing a multi-platform release. He also had nothing but praise for Sony’s platform." "Valve’s own Gabe Newell has been quoted as describing XBox-Live’s infrastructure as being a “train wreck”. This reaction came about when speaking of Team Fortress 2 and it’s updates through XBox Live. He then went on to praise the PS3."

He got it wrong, Valve didnt even praise the PS3, they did praise the open PSN but the PS3? Did this guy even do his research? Theres alot of grammar and spelling mistakes too, where's the editors for this website cause this article is a wreck.

And for L4D releasing on the PS3, I think that its a no brainer imo.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4737d ago

1st rule of grammar nazi's = no errors in your criticism of another writer. (a_lot 2 words not alot) :)

on topic I would love to see this as a combo pack blu ray.

tacosRcool4737d ago

It will since Valve did a 360 and decided to actually develop for it

FACTUAL evidence4737d ago

I have part 2 on 360. It's not the best, but I would love to get a platinum trophy on L4D2.