Valve Made Left 4 Dead 2 Because The First Game Was A Broken Mess

Left 4 Dead lead Chet Faliszek describes the original Left 4 Dead game as "such a broken thing that nobody wanted to touch it."

Number1TailzFan95d ago

And then couldn't be arsed to make a third game.

If they can add a lot more stuff to a 2nd game in just 1 year why didn't they make a third game a few years later with tons of stuff extra? Because that shows they could've.

I know Source 2 was kind of broken and was a reason they cancelled L4D3 but it seems wasteful to just toss it away.

Don't know what Valve were thinking.. it's like nobody wanted to fix the issues to get going. They certainly aren't the Valve of 2004 that released fun games with pretty cutting edge graphics.

cthulhucultist93d ago

Valve is allergic to number 3 it seems. It would be easier for them to release a Left 4 Dead 2.5 enhanced version instead of releasing a game with "3" slapped on its title.

rakentaja92d ago

They stopped making games a long time ago. Steam brings in so much money that it's really not worth the effort. Nowadays, people only look for faults in games, and spend more time whining on Twitter/X than playing the game anyway. Valve says a big fat no-no.

anast93d ago

Value is the Blockbuster of video games. They have no need to invest in deving a game, when they can make handfuls of cash renting them.

-Foxtrot95d ago

What are they talking about? Seemed pretty alright to me at launch it just wasn't supported the way Valve promised us

They should have just worked on a revamp / massive update to the game but they didn't they jumped straight to a sequel with brand new characters despite having some sort, if small, story about where the original survivors were heading.

I didn't care for the direction they took the sequel, the original games tone and atmosphere was missing in the second game and is still unmatched. Daytime levels, more whackiness, melee weapons where you could attack a Tank with a frying pan...just wasn't the same to be honest and the new survivors just didn't hold up the originals.

Here's my speculation. I think they did a sequel because they didn't want to update a game co-developed by Turtle Rock, they wanted the franchise to be known as a Valve game only and knew if they updated the first one Turtle Rocks name would still linger on it.

shaenoide93d ago

I want broken games like L4D all day long...

GhostScholar93d ago

Well the first game was by far the best

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A note from Laura Miele, President of EA Entertainment and Technology

Laura Miele writes:

"[Re: Respawn] ... we have decided to pivot away from early development on a Star Wars FPS Action game to focus our efforts on new projects based on our owned brands while providing support for existing games."

"[Re: Battlefield Studios] ... we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work. As part of this change, we'll be winding down Ridgeline as a standalone studio in Seattle, with some team members joining Ripple Effect. They'll continue to work with teams across DICE, Ripple, and Criterion as they build the next Battlefield experience."

"[Re Mobile] ... we have brought together the mobile and HD franchise teams under singular leadership across EA SPORTS FC, Madden NFL, and The Sims. The next step is setting up our standalone mobile portfolio for growth. Over the past few weeks, we have announced we are sunsetting Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Lord of the Rings, Tap Sports Baseball, and F1 Mobile."

SimpleSlave8h ago

If true, then VERY smart move by EA. No one wanted this game. No one at all. I mean, a possibly First Person Titanfall like game starting the Mandalorian??? PFFT!!! As if...MID!!!

EA Sports - There is no Game!

Tacoboto7h ago

And just a week ago we were excited for a Mandalorian FPS. And more job losses - 1500 industry workers in just Sony and EA alone this week so far. Terrible news after terrible news.

RaidenBlack7h ago

They cancelled the most anticipated EA game from Respawn devs?
Are you ******* kidding me ?!

RhinoGamer8830m ago

Addendum, with all these changes (not mistakes) that resulted in over 1k layoffs since last March, the Executive team will not be receiving a 40% salary bonus in 2024. That is now reduced to 38%.

LordoftheCritics4m ago

EA: We were making a game that ppl wanted and realized we could make a worse game and make more money.


Exclusive: The making of the PlayStation Portal

Project lead Hiromi Wakai explains Sony's goals and why the Portal isn't a Vita 2.

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darthv722d ago

Portal is a great little piece of kit. I use it and the G-Cloud for my console streaming needs.

GamingSinceForever2d ago

I looked today after seeing this and you still can’t find one for retail.

2d ago
TheEnigma3131d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

I was able to find one at gamestop this past weekend, but you need to be a pro member smh. I paid the $25 to get it

2d ago
Tody_ZA2d ago

As a dad of two this is the best gadget I could have ever bought for the price. In a week I've finished Valhalla and dived well into Tales of Arise, which previously would have taken me a month or more. It helps that it's so comfortable and amazing to play on, the design is far better than pictures would suggest. As someone who used to remote play on my phone with a backbone, only an insane person would say the experience is comparable. You just can't underestimate the appeal of playing on an 8 inch screen with DualSense controls, of playing in bed, or while the kids are watching or being able to hide what you're playing from the little ones because 90% of your games aren't child friendly. Loving my Portal.

jznrpg1d 14h ago

As a father of 5 children I approve this message.

__y2jb2d ago

It’s a fantastic device and works flawlessly on the 5ghz Wi-Fi band.

TheEnigma3131d 15h ago

This works better than I thought. A quick tip, for best results, wire your PS5 and make sure you are connected to 5gz on the Portal.


Bravely Default producer teases an announcement later this year

A message was posted on the official Bravely Default account on X (as spotted by user Stealth), to celebrate the third anniversary of the latest game in the series, Bravely Default 2.

The message, written by producer Tomoya Asano, suggests that a new announcement related to the series will be coming later in 2024.

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