The 10 Ugliest Games Ever Made

NowGamer runs down 10 truly awful looking games from across the history of gaming - "If you wanted to ogle semi naked women back in 1982 but simply didn’t have the courage to ask your local newsagent for a naughty magazine, the alternative was to either get a girlfriend or buy one of the many shockingly bad strip poker games doing the rounds on Apple II. The girls looked like the CPU had spewed its guts up all over your screen, into a non-descript mess of random colours and pixels."

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Philoctetes4555d ago

The author obviously isn't old enough to have owned a 2600. Otherwise Pac-Man would have been at the top of his list. That game made my eyes bleed and crushed whatever faith I had in humanity at a young, impressionable age.

fastrez4555d ago

Yeah, shocking port mate, looked nothing like the arcade original

ico924555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

you will never get as bad as this, ET for the 2600

worst game ever

ugliest game ever

worst sounding game ever

most boring game ever

most depressing game ever

most disliked game ever

e-p-ayeaH4555d ago

There´s alot worse games on the 2600 belive me