2K Sports Approaches NFL About 2K13 Licensing Deal

"It looks like everything we had been hearing over the last year and half has turned out to be true as word is now coming out that Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, has approached the NFL about a licensing deal for the 2013 NFL season."

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GunShotEddy5032d ago

What can I say except IT'S ABOUT TIME.

number475032d ago

I have no doubt that 2k can(and already has) made better sports franchises that has a finger on the pulse of the community.

It won't just be rehash after rehash.

seinfan5032d ago

I want this to be true. Having to wait two more years is tough, though. Madden has ruined my football gaming experience since the 06 installment.

FishCake9T45032d ago

I liked Madden 06 but you are correct.
2K5 > All

muDD5032d ago

This will be good... competition will only lead to better quality games... EA's monopoly has left a lot of hardcore football fans heart broken. I HATE MADDEN!

va_bank5032d ago

EA's exclusive deal with NFL expires in 2014, so I'm not sure 2K can get a game in until then.

frostypants5032d ago

Oh PLEASE make this happen. EA needs competition...Madden has sucked for years.

dericb115032d ago

This will give them some time to fix the game if they do get a chance to make it. If they do I pray they make a good effort since I have not bought a football game since 2005.