NBA 2K players want to see Kobe Bryant on the cover of NBA 2K21

Fans of NBA 2K have been commemorating the late LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, in NBA 2K20 ever since the day of his tragic accident. As 2K Sports release a new NBA game ever year, the community wants to see the "Mamba" featured as the cover athlete of NBA 2K21.

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jeb691153d ago

no doubt this will happen.

rainslacker1152d ago

I'm sure everyone would be fine with it, but the cover athlete us contracted with the players themselves, or their agent, not through the league like the rest of the inclusion of players in game.

His estate would have to agree to it if 2k wanted to go ahead. They cant just slap anyone up on the cover.

I'd be fine if they decided to do it. Never followed basketball, but hes one of those people that transcended the game. Such a shame what happened.

2pacalypsenow1153d ago

NBA 2k7 was Shaq, you mean 2017?

He was in the 2010 and 2017 covers

SonyStyled1153d ago

Nope, I should have been more clear though. It’s the Sony Published NBA title. I think Sony stopped publishing them in 2009

2pacalypsenow1153d ago

Oh you had NBA 07.

Makes more sense.

1153d ago
Elda1153d ago

I'm quite sure the homage on the cover will be.

Lennoxb631153d ago

It should be him and his daughter. She played ball too.

Minute Man 7211153d ago

Never got the chance to see him play

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The story is too old to be commented.