The 10 Worst JRPG Cliches Ever

To celebrate the UK launch of Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes Of Light, NowGamer runs down the top ten worst JRPG cliches ever - "Pretty much every JRPG ever conceived has moments of innuendo, none more so than the rather embarrassing sequel Final Fantasy X-2, in which the once chaste Yuna swaps her mage garb for hot pants and magic spells for a pair of pistols. It’s blatantly preying on the sexual curiosity of adolescent teens, inflating the bosoms of 15 year-old characters to bursting point and making them wear ludicrously impractical outfits. It also seems to be an iron-clad rule that the sexier a JRPG character is, the more irritating they become."

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I LOVE GAMES3763d ago


ico923763d ago

There not flaming JRPG's there just pointing out cliché's i could do the exact same with shooters

fastrez3763d ago

Yeah I agree with ico92

These are cliches because they appear in so many JRPGs...but the list isn't suggesting that these things make the game bad.

na-no-nai3763d ago

everything in games nowaday is cliche. if they dont like it then dont buy it.

Tony P3763d ago

This list kinda sucks, actually.

As for amnesia, well, it's overused. No two ways about it. But perhaps because some of the most renowned RPGs ever made use them to great effect like Planescape: Torment, FFVII, and KoTOR.

fastrez3763d ago

With the silly name reasoning. They're fantasy worlds for goodness sake. It's not like the main character is going to be called John Smith is it?