DMC4 360 Looks Better than PS3 version But Controls Worse

GameSpy reports:
"What you probably want to know is what's different between the two versions, and based on our fifteen minutes with each one (PS3 first to jog our memory, then 360 to see the difference), we think that the two versions are fairly similar visually. The PS3 version looks marginally less refined to us, but anyone looking to start a console-superiority argument wouldn't have much ammo here. Both games look amazing. It's the controls, however, where we felt the biggest difference.

Argue however much you will; after five and a half years of hacking, slashing, and shooting demons, we and millions of gamers are very accustomed to the feel of the PlayStation controller, be it Dual Shock 2 or Sixaxis, for the DMC experience. Our gripe with the Xbox 360 demo is that the controls feel too directly ported over to Microsoft's controller, and it's not a good ergonomic fit..."

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sonarus6032d ago

ign says its the same gamespy says 360 is better. and at the end of the day i wnt buy DMC4 so i could care less

aaquib6032d ago

I could care less about Devil May Cry 4, but I do think it'll look slightly better on 360 jst because of Capcom's experience on the XBOX 360 with Lost Planet and Dead Rising. This is the first game they built on PS3, so they're still learning. Its possible that by the time Resident evil 5 releases it looks better on PS3, but right now, I'd say they're still getting used to the hardware.

cloud3606032d ago

Actually they built it on a PC engine. i hate DMC. Its a crap hack and slash. I couldt care less. i wont buy it coz it created the formwat war. Hate is a strong word. I hate this crap

Kingdom Hearts is way better and it came out earlier Square-Enix Rule

beast6032d ago

Its the old demo of Ps3 compare to the new just finished demo of xbox. of course visually xbox should be better and even that is debateable, but as the article pertains the control on xbox dont feel right. to me thats more alarming than the old demo version graphics .

MK_Red6032d ago

beast, Great point on new demo looking better than old one. Bubbles for you.
The new demo should look cleaner d more refined and it could mean that current PS3 version could be equal or even better than this.

I still think Capcom shouldn't have announced it for PC. No offence to PC users but come on, it was as stupid as original StarCraft being announced for PS3/360 (At least IMO).

Hellgiver6032d ago

Regardless of this, I will get the PS3 version no matter what. I will always feel that DMC's home is with the Playstation systems.

HeartlesskizZ6032d ago

I knew it and said it b4, game bourn in one console wont feel right on other console. is like playing halo with ps3, fun but not the same.

but aleast this is the most decent multiplatform I see working just fine and equal on both consoles

urban bohemian6032d ago

LOL Starcraft came out on the N64 aswell as the PC lol!

midgard2296032d ago

why check news on it if u wont buy it? tryina find somethin to start flaming about? besides you probally suck at games and DMC is to hard for u, when it isnt that hard for good gamers

ericnellie6032d ago

At one point fanboys say graphics aren't everything - now graphics are everything - with DMC4 just because some punk says the 360 version looks a little better (his opinion) - now all of a sudden gameplay is more important. Fanboys shift to whatever is convenient at the time and saves them the most face. Pick something and stay true! Graphics and gameplay are both important but, to have 1 additional piece of background detail doesn't make one version better than the other.

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cloud3606032d ago

Actually they built it on a PC engine. i hate DMC. Its a crap hack and slash. I couldt care less. i wont buy it coz it created the formwat war. Hate is a strong word. I hate this crap

Kingdom Hearts is way better and it came out earlier Square-Enix Rule

SuperSaiyan46032d ago

It will always will be the case, the CPU is better for programming games and the GPU in the 360 is again better for TRUE next gen visuals.

The PS3 was just built as a blu-ray player come on move along PS3 fans.

GameOn6032d ago

I think controls are more important than slightly better graphics.
I dont really care though cos i would mutch rather have NG2 or TooHuman over this.

DrRage776032d ago (Edited 6032d ago )

the problem with the statment about the controls being better is kind of biased though. the article clearly states that they are used to the PS controllers and DMC on the playstation, so OBVIOUSLY they are going to like the controls of the PS3 better....does anyone else realize this simple fact???

it would be similar if an xbox exclusive game had gone over to the ps3, and people saying that the xbox controls felt better over the ps3 version of the game....well, duh! when poeple are used to one type of controller on a game, and then they try the same game on a different system with a different controller, what do you think the outcome will be 9 out of 10 times??? lol this is not really news if you ask me....

SofaKingReetodded6032d ago

the ability to turn 1's into 0's and vice versa is THE HEART of software games. That being said the only way a processor is better for gaming is in how fast and how many 1's and 0's it can process.

That being said:

360 = 3 off the shelf Power PC cores running at 3.2ghz each

PS3 = 1 PPU and 6 SPU's running at 3.2ghz each

do the math.

the RSX is nothing more than a turbo charger on what is already a monster of an engine.While the Xenos and Xenon both have to wait for each other to complete processing cycle against the Cell+RSX combo each having a dedicated path to unified memory. Add to that the little spoken of "FLEX I/O" bus, a seventh SPU and xbots won't know what hit them come PS3's second generation games.

SlappyMcTaint6032d ago (Edited 6032d ago )

Actually, the PS3 has 1 PPU and 8 spu's running at 3.2ghz each

edit: to the retarded asshat that disagreed with that ^^ , here's a link to the FACTS, jerkass!!


Ri0tSquad6032d ago

Capcom is more familiar with 360 but DMC was born on the Playstation so of course its going to have bad controls on the 360. Its like playing Ninja Gaiden on the ps3 it didn't feel right for a while. Im going to rent this game on the PS3 since thats what it is anyways a rent none of the DMC games are really worth buying since they don't have much replay value to them like Ninja gaiden has had.

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NewZealander6032d ago

Does this trend keep happening in 3rd party games being better on the 360? I thought the ps3 cell was ment to show better visuals than the 360 but im still waiting to be convinced on this, what is holding things back? is it the memory ? this is what is stoping me from getting a ps3, until I see better games on the ps3, a big price cut and more exclusives that get good reviews ( Hevenly Sword a good start but need more like this ) Im more than happy with my 360 at this time :)

DrPirate6032d ago

Wow, they said it looked marginally better and for all we know it was their minds tricking themselves into believing it looked better.

I'd like to know if the PS3 build was older then the 360 build, that would affect alot.

GuCCi5126032d ago

if u read the article it says that they played the ps3 version of the demo in April and again in may....so yea the 360 build is newer

Kleptic6032d ago

yeah DrPirate...someone stated that earlier in the comments, and it was in the article...which makes this whole argument pointless...it was obvious fuel for a silly war...

in regards to whoever said that "if a Xbox exlusive went to the PS3, people would say the xbox controller would feel better"...Sigma did exactly that, and recieved nothing but praise for a far better button layout and control scheme (I understand a lot of that had to do with the ability to control the camera in Sigma, but the button responsiveness, layout, etc, is not something they "fixed")...

this is a stupid argument on graphics...and probably everybody in here won't even play the game anyway...PS3 has HS (and Sigma for that matter), and 360 has NG2 coming...neither platform needs another DMC, they have more or less turned to trash after the first one...

Lightning Mr Bubbles6032d ago

People are looking back and forth, which looks better, wait.. I think no... It's the same game.

There's no credibality here.