Folklore: Yoshiki Okamoto interview

Kikizo catches up with Okamoto to find out all about his new action-adventure steeped in Irish mythology.

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Satanas4442d ago

Interesting read for anyone interested in this game. Credit goes to Zilver for the find.

HeartlesskizZ4442d ago

this is a nice game, it will be my first rpg game to ever play or want

Bebedora4442d ago

The feel of environments is really great. That you look at a magical and mystic scenery. The contrast of walking from the "real" world and into a magical a good feel. :)

Interesting new way to be granted more powers and combo attacks possible...I don't know still. Maybe I give my money on it when released.

Antan4442d ago

Yep, really nice demo, a bonus also as its different from the Jap demo. Money at the ready.

duarteq4442d ago

I must say that i have played the japanese demo a few months ago and now i played the Euro Demo. I advise this game to all. Really nice graphics, Good Gameplay and use of sixaxis. Also the Euro Demo is much better than Japanese. For me it's a 8/10 and i will buy it. Yes i know , maybe it's a little repetitive, but i don't care.

Go For it SONY. Next Year i Will go to Leipzig weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee