Blacksite Area 51 Next Demo to Include Co-op?

A second Blacksite: Area 51 is apparently due next month and may well include co-op according to the game's producer Mike Jones. Mike also admitted the previous demo (which you can still download from Marketplace) was rather short but the next one will be much longer. "Next month, there will be a full length demo," he said. "The previous demo was a short one, it was just a teaser. The demo next month may have co-op and there will be multiplayer components to the demo."

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Jeremy Gerard4075d ago

will need all the demos they can get cuz I think this games launches on Sep. 25th.

Adamalicious4074d ago

The first demo was so lame - I don't know if I'd waste the bandwidth on a second. Worst frame rate in a demo ever!

Cat4074d ago

the demo was embarrassing.