Halo 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Great looking multiplayer montage captured as people enjoyed it at the Games Conference in Leipzig.

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Like a shadow I am4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

I have criticized Halo 3 for the very disappointing graphics in beta test, but since then Halo 3 has made surprising improvements in leaps and bounds. This graphic in this trailer looks REALLY good.

From what I've been reading so far, I get the impression that Bungie has been hiding and withholding a lot of information about Halo 3 from the public. Bungie has been releasing very little information and screenshots/demos/trailers on Halo 3 since the beta, and it's releasing new information in tiny bits and pieces, and every time it's showing something new, it's surprising and getting better.

DruePhoenix4166d ago

hopefully they will polish Halo 3, which seems to be improving by the DAY, more and more so that we will get the game we all deserve, at the end of September

they still have a couple weeks before production!

JokesOnYou4166d ago

fkin sweet and thats just an offscreen look at multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.