Next-Gen=Bad Business?

It's the way it has always been in the gaming industry. A console launches to hordes of fans grappling to lay their hands on those monstrous boxes that house the latest and greatest video game systems in the land. For the next four years game after game is released, played, tossed into the trash then the process is repeated. As the console's life rolls on games begin looking better than the initial efforts seen at launch, third and fourth generation games looking almost nothing like what the first games on the system presented to players. Then there are the inevitable price drops which help push the given system (or systems) deeper into the consumer market as sales charts almost assuredly spike at the news of a reduced price tag for the system that was once too expensive for Little Johnny. Simply put, it's the way our industry has always been, and it's likely the way it will always be.

But this generation is proving to be a beast of a different color, a monster of a different size, and it's due largely in part to the two top dogs in the industry Sony and Microsoft and their new consoles, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively.

Typically when companies launch new consoles they're prepared to take some kind of a loss with every system that they move off of store shelves. What it comes down to is the fact that each console is sold for much less than the sum of its parts. But even still, the price tag that these companies have slapped on their new hardware gems could lead to less market saturation than any consoles that we've seen in quite some time. With the Xbox 360 retailing for 400 dollars, which will later increase to around 600 dollars if you want that HD-DVD add-on that Playstation 3 users get bundled with their system in the form of a Blu-ray player, that means that both systems will be flying off shelves at twice the price of their successors which were released in 2002 (Xbox) and 2000 (PS2) at an MSRP of $299.99.

What we're getting down to here is the point of this article, the one undeniable fact that has remained absent from next-gen discussions until right now. That being that next-gen gaming is actually bad for business and just may very well be a plague on gaming itself.

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mikeeno75394d ago

How pathetic. I hate the ending of the article. 'Choose your side'. Why would you want to choose any side? I'll say it again people, buy all 3 and reap all the benefits. If you can't afford all 3 then you're not alone, but it's worth saving up for, isn't it?

5394d ago
TheMART5394d ago

I have the money for all three, but why should I?

Just calculate with me:

360+extra Wifi Controller = 450 Euro/dollar
PS3+extra BT Controller = 650 Euro
Wii+extra WiFi controller = 300 Euro

Total: 1.400 Euro's/dollars, not one game bought yet. I won't even speak for online fees, because they will also be on PS3, only basic things like XBOX Live Silver are free.

So buy 4 games for 360 times 50 to 60 dollars, 4 games for PS3 times 80 dollars and 4 games Wii for 50 dollars. That's another 640 dollars/euro's at least.

Total already 2000+ dollars/euro. One must be out of his mind to do this. For the same amount of fun one takes only the 360 maybe with the Wii. That'll cost the same (with todays prices) or less (with lower prices on 360 this Christmas) as one PS3 AND it saves you money on every game compared to PS3 BR disc games.

So should we get all consoles? Nope I don't think so. The amount of money to spend on it sounds stupidly high because of the paystation

TOM5394d ago

I for one have no problem with the price of the psp,360 or wii.seems to me that the product is well worth the price,and the price of games didnt go up for what....A DECADE. Seems reasonable to me. Gaming is well worth the price of admission.

Marriot VP5394d ago

when are people gonna stop using that HORRIBLE PICTURE, that grosly makes the 360 look 2 times bigger than the PS3. When in actuality the PS3 is the biggest console by far.

ChickeyCantor5394d ago

Wii isnt nex-gen they say ....its new-gen.

Marriot VP5394d ago

well your right about the not next-gen.

ChickeyCantor5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

NEW-gen kinda means its going an other direction.
NEXt-gen is kinda the same like the previous generation. nothing special about that.

G_CodeMonkey5394d ago

The controller, while avante garde now, will have limited use in the end, once you get past the light sabre-type use (while cool, yet niche). And if it works, the other two consoles (that are next-gen) could adopt--only problem with that is game co's don't want to write for something not included in the box.
Sorry, Nintendo, but hi-def DOES matter to me. I won't be buying a Wii--my 360 has me in gaming goodness well into next year (Gear og War, Biosphere (or whatever it its called--I'm getting it day 1), etc. Once Prey (and Dead Rising) are in the bargain rack I'll grab them also--I'll be done with Quake4, Half-Life2 and Doom3 by then. On Dead Rising, can destroying zombies with the gun ever get tiring??? gCM

THAMMER15394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

You will buy what you can. If people love to game it wont matter what console you by or whose picture is bigger than the other. What matters is the games. I have said this over and over again "Brand loyalty has no business in the video game industry!" People who cling onto a consoler maker are usually children with no experience with previous console generations. I own a 360 because it offers what all of the pervious consoles offer plus the next gen promise of better games and more immersive experiences but with the other offerings it seems to be more about corporate drive and gimmicks. But the smart people will by what makes the wallet and the gamer happy.

Marriot VP5394d ago

give me a break thammer, all I said was that I'm sick of seeing that picture. I know the size doesn't matter but it's annoying.

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