IGN: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Konami describes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as a reboot for the 25-year old franchise. I'd say it's an unrelated game that borrows the "Castlevania" name. None of the common gameplay elements you'd expect from the series are to be found here, nor does Lords of Shadow star any familiar characters or include recognizable music.

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Apparently it means 'The genius said it'
and no, i have no clue what it means.

MrAwesome2945d ago

Im pretty sure it means the gays say "icky"

infamous_272945d ago

i always read it as Tokyo Game Show I-something

Redrum0592945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

"slight freezing problem after every finishing move, every time"
other reviewers didnt mention the problem, includidng the GTreview, but ofcaurse the GTreview was using the ps3 Castlevania.
ign used the 360 castlevania for their review.

the videos prove so by showing gameplay scenes with psbuttons on screen for the Gametrailers review, and showing xboxbuttons onscreen with the ign review...

ChineseDemocracy2945d ago

I'm picking this up regardless, I'm a huge castlevania fan!

nix2944d ago

lol.. same here. i asked him once but he didn't reply.

morganfell2944d ago

"In the end, I'd rather play a more traditional 2D Castlevania game..."

Says it all. Nothing like a reviewer that has his mind made up before the game. And shouldn't a game be reviewed on it's own merits instead of in a comparison with other titles?

What the hell am I thinking? This is just another idiot reviewer from a BS site that can't be weighed down by standards when listing ACTUAL REVIEW STANDARDS BY WHICH THEY ABIDE.

likedamaster2944d ago

""In the end, I'd rather play a more traditional 2D Castlevania game..."

Says it all. Nothing like a reviewer that has his mind made up before the game. And shouldn't a game be reviewed on it's own merits instead of in a comparison with other titles?"

-You know, for once you might be right.

PopEmUp2944d ago

Apparently it means 'The genius said it'
and no, i have no clue what it means.
----------------------------- -----------------------
apparently hes not a genius more like some retarded

Jamegohanssj52944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )



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MrMccormo2945d ago

This game looks really good. I just finished up another playthrough of God of War III (awesome game!) and I want another good hack 'n slash that doesn't have a pansy (DMC4) or a kinky librarian (Bayonetta) as the lead character.

Can't wait to play it!

AKS2945d ago

Kinky librarians are underrated and underappreciated.

MisterNiwa2945d ago

I bet he'd never even met someone as beautiful and hot as this kinky librarian.

MrMccormo2945d ago

@ MisterNiwa

If you intended your "insult" to be serious (a comment about a fictional video game character)...

DatNJDom812945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

But so much for the God of War killer that everyone was saying this was going to be (xbox fanboys). Still I will play this game and enjoy it. I have to see all these "flaws" that so many of these sites are complaining about. I bet its not as big of a deal as they say it is. It seems they forgot its a reboot.

Jinxstar2945d ago

Kinda reminds one of the "Infamous vs Prototype" debacle.

Imperator2945d ago

People should learn that comparing mere multiplats to PS3 exclusives is futile. The 360 cannot and will never receive games anywhere near the quality of PS3 exclusives. If you want true next gen gaming and call yourself a gamer, you should own a PS3.

Game-ur2945d ago

This looks like a great game on its own merits, don’t let fanboys making it the "GOW killer" distract you.

Jinxstar2945d ago

Yeah. I agree. This game is no where near on par with GOW as far as production value and set pieces but the one thing it has going for it is length. While I love GOW. I own every one of them and platinumed all 3 on PS3 and everything. They do feel a little short. Especially after the first play through you can kinda sprint through it. If they could have made it 20 hours long and just as epic and didn't get boring...

I may pick this game up as Hack and slash are one of my fav genres but not sure yet. Kinda waiting on MOH reviews before I choose. I am a huge fan of DICE and kinda want a new FPS... Especially since LBP2 is delayed and I am not a racing sim fan....

Anyway enough ranting. Point is GOW kicks the heck out of this but it seems great for a multiplat.

Cheeky Gamer2945d ago

Kind of ironic that this is slated for being unoriginal, and yet God of War 3 represents a recycled, stale iteration from its previous two games.

badz1492945d ago

you've said it yourself; "Kind of ironic that this is slated for being unoriginal, and yet God of War 3 represents a recycled, stale iteration from its previous two games." - GoW3 uses elements from its previous games and how is THAT unoriginal? this Castlevania however, doesn't stick to its own ORIGINAL gameplay but heavily influenced by GoW! - the chain crucifix being the most obvious! there is where the "unoriginal" term popped out!

DigitalAnalog2945d ago

Your logic = Games (with sequels)

-End statement

Sony3602944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

The 360 does have games that surpass the quality of Ps3 exclusives, actually.

Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, Red Dead, the list goes on. All are GOTY contenders and are the pinnacles of the genre, and all are on the 360.

Get a PC if you want the latest and greatest in graphics, buddy. Ps3 can't keep up with that. As for having the best games, the Ps3 only has an edge with some exclusives, the 360 has the advantage everywhere else.

MysticStrummer2944d ago

I like how in the games you list, one of them is already on the PS3, one of them will be, and one of them is a game that many PS3 gamers don't want. There are a couple of multi-plats on each system that are substantially better than the other console's version. The rest are so close that they require side by side, pixel counting comparisons. Try again when you think of something that makes sense. At least list Gears instead of Halo for God's sake.

theEx1Le2944d ago

What i dont get is how people seem to think that GoW was the first good 3D platformer. Even GoW's original formula was "borrowed".

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Deputydon2945d ago

It sounds to me like this particular IGN reviewer is just upset that it doesn't follow the standard Castlevania gameplay. While I agree that the game probably shouldn't be called Castlevania, it still looks great. I'm amazed that edge has gave this a higher score than IGN though. I think this reviewer just has a grudge or something.

tawak2944d ago

it runs smoother on ps3 so ign gave it only 7.5 if the other way around probably 8-9

Jazz41082944d ago

I can't believe all the excuses the ps3 fanboys make for the install station. It has the worse operating system ever and is slow as molasses and has weekly firmware updates that make you reinsatll everything and then most games use up gigs of your hardrive with mandatory installs and it could easily take an hour before you could even play your game and the 360 has none of this and almost always recieves the better looking multiplat game but you ps3 guys have an excuse for everything. I own both consoles and the ps3 is a joke and bluray is slow and the reason for a lot of its issues and the exclusives are no where close to the quality you guys make them out as the main one uncharted looks animated or cell shaded and the shooters are linear and boring. Miles ahead of 360 I don't think so but one thing that's obvious is the ps3 as a machine for the devs and for ease of use and my time is a joke.

Sarevok2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )


U mad?

Sounds like your trolling to me.

Bubble down for trolling or being immature?...
Hummm can't make up my mind.

Sony3602944d ago

Wahh wahhh wahh.

Everyone hates the Ps3. The world is out to get it.

MorganX2944d ago

You do realize you need to install one of the LOS discs on the 360 or you'll have to swap every time you backtrack right? I'm not going to be happy if it won't install on USB storage.

Shinkus2944d ago

@Jazz4108 I can't believe how often 360 fanboys jump on how the installs and firmware updates are so bad. I guess you have just run out of things to complain about that you are shooting down the PS3 for installing your games (to help you) as well as coming out with firmware updates every few weeks (to give extra content to you). I guess consoles that give back to the people playing them are as bad as it gets.

mastiffchild2944d ago

Am I missing these "weekly firmware updates that make you reinstall everything"? Where are all these games that need an install either? Sure, you get a few but it's rare and when it's done it's to help with BR read times and NEVER lasts "an hour" before you play your game.

BTW, Firmware updates are a lot less frequent than that and have NEVER caused me to have to reinstall anything and when given the chance I install all my 360 games cos I got sick of it scratching the discs a long time ago.

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gameraxis2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

if i hear the term button masher... yea u can turn bayonetta, gow, DMC, di, enslaved on normal and mash you're way through... but then u just suck at the game, gow for me (along with the others i mentioned) is like a fighting game, except the moves are way more dramatic, there is so many ways to vary up the way to slash launch grab, use items and magic to create something that looks like a friggen movie! but people who arn't fans of the genre "square square triangle" crap its like "no dude, thats how YOU'RE playing through it, the dev team gave u fast weapons and multiple moves to destroy how u want, not to mention combos that continue from ur blades of exile in this example to ur Hade's hooks etc... if u... ah forget it, its just the lack of imagination... i think some of the older gamers (not including reviewers because they just blast through games to get an initial opinion of it) get it... I'm sick of defending action adventure games...they are so much deeper than given credit for, and only a few of us get that it seems... and as a side note, who here has played mw2? the same COULD be said about that, die, re-spawn, kill the person who killed u,then die from someone else, rinse and repeat... but if u use everything the devs give u and have an imagination and try to trick people etc etc... it doesn't get mundane or mountainous does it?

Simon_Brezhnev2944d ago

funny how in the video review he take shots @ god of war saying all u do is press the same buttons

MorganX2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Is he that far off? That's basically what a button masher is. You have to deviate from button mashing and be creative with combos and transitions. I thought Heavenly Sword did this better than any button mashers. Mash through this to pull lever to get to next level gets old no matter how good the graphics look. Look for sparkly thing, mash and aim for that to move forward. It is what it is.

I'm hoping LOS breaks up the monotony with more than lever tricks. The horse riding sequence looks cool, hopefully there's a lot of those sorts of things thrown in. (I doubt it can match Heavenly Sword though. For my tastes, that's button mashing the way it was meant to be.)

Simon_Brezhnev2944d ago

so morganx every game is a button masher since all you do is press the same buttons

Christopher2944d ago

I think people are looking at this the wrong way. One of the worst things he could say about the game is that it doesn't match with other Castlevania games but does match with GoW fans.

I don't think their final score has so much to do with it not being like other Castlevania games so much as it lacking in story and having repetitive gameplay along with the other issues he mentioned in the review.

The review mentioned a lot of good things with the game, visuals, replayability, cool powers, and the such. I think people are again focused way too much on what score is given and a comment made rather than the review itself.

n4gno2944d ago

"The 360 does have games that surpass the quality of Ps3 exclusives, actually"

correction : the 360 does have SOME (2,3) games, that surpass the quality of SOME ps3 exclusives...but obviously not the best ones (in fact ps3 has way more great exclusives, and almost always the best ones, and not a single game on 360 can compete graphicly with them)

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gillri2945d ago

another 7.5? the two biggest gaming sites give it 7.5

its mean score seems to be around 85%

StanLee2945d ago

I've been saying from day 1 this game is mediocre. I've played it and I don't know if the early high scores has to do with the industry's facination with Kojima and him being connected to the project but the 9s baffle me. It's not a 9 game.

Game-ur2945d ago

When I look at multiple reviews I don’t notice a repeating complaint
One complains about hard boss fights
Another about copying other games
Another about not matching the Metroidvania.

So it's more likely nitpicking by them, but on the other hand the good things are repeatedly praised, like story, gameplay and graphics.

PS3Freak2945d ago

Exactly cayal, everyone is freaking out over a 7.5. When did anything below 8 start to be seen as a bad game?

Saladfax2944d ago

Where have you people been?

Most gaming review magazines/sites have been rating on a 7-10 scale for the last several years.

7's are seen as generally average, as in, middle of the road. Now, my math might not be what it used to be, but I thought 5 was in the middle of 1-10.

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meganick2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I would say don't worry about IGN's and Gamespot's reviews for this game. Both of those sites gave Final Fantasy 13 and Metroid: Other M 8.5's, even though they both deserved far lower scores. Nuff said.

Blaster_Master2945d ago

bullshit. The other M was freakin awesome. Besides some of the boring story elements and pixel finding, the game would be a 9 or higher if it was in HD.

Djinn2945d ago

bullshit, FF13 was an awesome game. Cue the disagrees!!

DigitalAnalog2945d ago

It is a disappointment.

-End statement

SiteNblog Defender2945d ago

^It was a disappointment to PS3 fans only.

WildArmed2945d ago

FF13 was a great game.
It's funny how people label themselves as 'True Final Fantasy fans' and hide behind it.

Oh jeez. The final fantasy series has never been known for it's consistency of game mechanics and other things.
IDK what you expected.

most FF fans know not to expect anything, because every final fantasy is different.
You dont have to like em all.

I've been playing Final Fantasy series since 1994 (the first FF that came to US).

I know FF13 wasn't the cream of the crop, but it was hardly as crappy everyone makes is sound.
The battle system was truly unique and I hope to see again in the future games.

Anderson82944d ago


what was great about ff13?.. as all I remember from the game was 30 hours of pushing up on my analogue stick as I run through a corridor, a 2 hour open area and then it was back to the same crap.

game mechanics are not the issue here as the battle system was great but never has an ff title been so ridiculously linear taking out the open world, airships etc is like taking out crazy big swords, chocobos, cid or biggs and wedge once there gone it doesn't really feel like ff any more

fair enough the graphics where awesome and so was the battle system.. but walking down corridors for 60+ hours? come on, don't tell me you enjoyed that. FF 13 was ok at best.

On Topic.. 7.5 aint a bad score I'll still grab this game

WildArmed2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

The experience as a whole was great imo.
Sure, the first 9 chpaters seem to drag on.. but once I got to Gran Pulse, I had alot of fun.

The story and characters was ok at beast.
But I loved the gameplay mechanics and the boss battles throughout the game. C'eith quests were fun too.

I'm not saying it's a 9..

Personally I'd give it a 8-8.5 range.

FF13 got alot of hate (some of which it may have deserved.. other not so much). But at the end of the day, I was satisfied with my 60-80 hours of game-play I got out of it.

I guess I got used to walking down corridors again and again after I put 600 hours into WKC online questing .. and 400 hours into Demons souls.

And I'm just making sure I made it clear, the gameplay was the only reason why I continued with the game. and eventually fell in love with the complex paradigm system (coupled with the crazy passive accessory system).

I know some people have valid reasons of not like FF13.
But the thing is I've run into ppl not like FF13 just bcoz it went multiplat.. i mean really?

At the end of the day, all I'm sayings that it's hardly as bad of a JRPG as everyone believe it to be.

But then again, this is all based of my opinion.
So it's not exactly like I'm preaching facts here ^^

Oh, and I get where you are coming from. FF13 did feel alot different than the previous ones.. (we did see Chocobos / Cid, but alot of other reoccuring element did disappear). But it was their first installment on the next gen consoles, and they took a new approach.

I expect them to learn from their mistakes and build off of what they did right.

SiteNblog Defender2943d ago

@H-kid, did you hate FFX too? It was also linear.

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kndy2944d ago

i thought the consensus was that score was generally a digit or two less than what ign gives it...

SanMarco2945d ago

Damn....i was hoping for something above 9...IGN!!!!!!!!! ARGH

TOO PAWNED2945d ago

so you would them lying to satify you? Freak

Eamon2945d ago

TOO PAWNED, you took a completely different meaning from his sentence.

He must have been really anticipating this game in that it would get high scores and now he's disappointed.

crzyjackbauer2945d ago

the game is good
ign and gametrailers are complaining that the platforming is too hard or not well done

castlevania has allways been a hard platformer
its not easy its a really hard game to play
thats what makes it so good
ign and gt have just been playing too much uncharted and god of war
they need to go back and play the nes castlevanias

gamerdude1322944d ago

You said it. When they go back and beat EVERY SINGLE Castlevania game (SotN and above not included), they'll realize that this is probably as easy as piss pie. As Sean Devlin from The Saboteur says, "It's a piece o' piss."

deafwing2944d ago

... the platforming in Castlevania has always been tough. even in 2D the environment always worked against you. Perhaps newer gamers who didn't play the original games don't know but this is a fact.

I do get the exploration complaint but there isn't a 3D game out there that doesn't have this problem, so I was lost when Gametrailers mentioned that to (like they couldn't find anything bad so they stuck to the obvious).

despair2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

meh..the reviewer complained that it wasn't a Castlevania game, other than that the only real complaints he had were lots respawning of enemies and framerate problems. From this review its clear to see that he's angry that its not a Castlevania game and the score reflects it. Don't really care what the reviewers say as it seems its more of a hate it for Castlevania fans and love it for action games fans.

nycredude2945d ago

Um the game is called Castlevania so it should get lowered if it didn't feel like a Castlevania. I don't have problem with that. So far it looks like a nice action game in the vein of GOW so I'll take that if it is even anywhere close to as good as GOW games.

despair2945d ago

I'm not saying its a bad reason and on top of that he also said in the last paragraph that non Castlevania fans will enjoy it more its just that its subjective. I mean it would be hypocritical of me to say the name in Castlevania means nothing but then complain that MGS Rising is not a true MGS game.

AKS2945d ago

Past 3D Castlevania games have sucked and this game doesn't, so I weigh this more heavily than whether some think it "feels" like a Castlevania game.