TGH: DeathSpank Review

TGH Writes: "DeathSpank is a title that holds a lot of gooey goodness inside it. It’s like a sandwich you bite into and a tomato falls out and you go, ‘Hey, get back in my sandwich!’ and you slide it back under the bread. Yeah, it cannot be contained. It is an original title by the developers of Penny Arcade Adventures and the mind of Ron Gilbert who was also behind that title as well as some work on Tales of Monkey Island. Will this game leave you feeling as happy as ever or will you feel downtrodden yourself after playing through all of DeathSpank’s heroic deeds."

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MightyMark4272966d ago

Awesome game. At a cheap price, it's def worth it

GameScrub2966d ago

I just beat it the other day, I was mad hooked on the story and design. Great game all around.

2966d ago