Two Brains Review: Mushroom Wars (

One of the recent bonus releases for PlayStation Plus subscribers was 2009′s Mushroom Wars, a real-time strategy title that flew under a lot of gamers’ radars. Although Spawn Kill’s Eric “TheHerp” Galaviz and Kevin “K-Tuck” Tucker came upon the game at different points in time, they still agree that the game hides surprisingly complex gameplay into an outwardly-simplistic package.

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Chubear2993d ago

This game feels like a Pixel Junk Game. If you've been waiting for the next Q games Pixel Junk then get this one. It's challenging and a lot of fun.

theherp802993d ago

def agree with you on that one.

TK4212993d ago

This game is a blast. And deeper than you would imagine.

tigresa2993d ago

This sounds like so much fun!! It reminds me of a lil Starcraft meets Little King's Story in bite-sized form. I might get the demo later. :3

K-Tuck2993d ago

Or you could sign up for PSN+.

Snarkasaur2993d ago

Two guys reviewing a game about Mushrooms together. A little gay imo!