Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – Social Modes and EA Answers Your Questions

"Recently, the Need for Speed caravan rolled into town for a media/community event bringing PS3s loaded with Hot Pursuit, a free rap show, and the Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce.

With the game only about 2 months away, the team from EA was eager to talk about the social elements of Hot Pursuit. Watch this video, then read my conversation with Need for Speed producer Jesse Abney, who not only answered my questions, but yours as well."

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WildArmed3338d ago

Ah, after finding out that this isn't an open world game, i suddenly lost interest in it :(

I was looking forward to an open world game like Burnout Paradise

MaximusPrime3338d ago

Open world or not, criteriongames will still be awesome.

sak5003338d ago

Open world doesnt work much in driving games let alone gangster games due to overly long side missions. Test drive unlimited was open world and got boring fast. GTIV was boring after few missions as too many distractions due to idiotic phone calls for more missions. MAfia2 is a good example of semi open world with linear mission structure. You could explore the world but missions keep you on track.

WildArmed3337d ago

Well considering Criterion are developing the game, I thought they could pull it off.

I LOVED Burnout paradise.. best racing game i've played this gen.
It had alot of stuff to do than just run events.
and that's what I liked about it (not to mention the 60+ hours i spent playing online!).

So i guess I just wanted a more Burnout-ish experience.
But I"m hoping to get a demo of this game on psn/xbl down the road. I want to try, then may pick it up.

ManBearPork3337d ago

It makes me smile that this isn't an open world game.
I own all burnouts on xbox(360) and i owned dominator/legends on psp. Paradise was a fun game but the open world part took most of the fun out of it somehow.

Paradise was more of a hang and fool around in the city game, while i've had much more fun racing and doing road rage on revenge and takedown.

Cop chases and destroying opponents' cars sounds great.