Ni no Kuni DS hands-on impression (RPG Land @ TGS)

"I was fortunate enough to be able to revisit Ni no Kuni at the Level-5 booth this year, before it hits store shelves this Christmas. The demo I played last year was there again, Level-5 added a new scenario with more game mechanics, and had real copies of the Magic Master spellbook on hand to be used with the demo. I had a great time with last year’s demo, so I was looking forward to more Ni no Kuni. Sadly, the demo experience didn’t hold up as well this time around." -Janelle of RPG Land

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imoutofthecontest3332d ago

Game is interesting overall, but the experience wasn't as pleasant this time around as it was at last year's show.

kevco333332d ago

I know a guy with a hardcore hard-on for this game. He'll cry if it comes to Europe. Cry hard.

3332d ago