10 RPGs we want on Xbox One

OXM UK - "RPGs on Xbox One! Turns out a fair few of you are keen on the idea, though I suspect the prospect of a free Xbox 360 game may have had something to do with that. It's my pleasure to present the winners of last week's Diablo 3 competition, mighty champions of the genre one and all. If there is, in fact, a place called Valhalla, you'll find these great souls seated at the top table, quaffing Mountain Dew and throwing balled-up collectable world maps at the FPS-chugging peasants outside the window."

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dirigiblebill2694d ago

Grandia would have been a good pick too.

pedrof932694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The possibility of some these RPGs being remade is actually higher on the PS4.

Just saying.

Ni no Kuni ? LOL seriously ?

dirigiblebill2694d ago

No harm in dreaming!

Level-5 isn't owned by Sony, in any case.

abzdine2694d ago

x1 will have no RPG i can promise you that. with PS4 taking the lead and releasing way before RPG on x1 will be irrelevant to consider, even if they're exclusive.
Just look at all the love PS3 is getting from Japan in terms of exclusive content.

And notice that except Blue Dragon, The Last Remnant and Lost Odyssey, all other JRPGs that released first on 360 came out to PS3 with more content and better quality. Also, notice SquareEnix everytime they comment on KHIII it's in regards to PS4 architecture and what extra RAM allows them to achieve.

And to comment the article, this is one retard list from a pro xbox website. Ni no Kuni, Crono Cross, Dragon Questm FF7 on xbox?

dirigiblebill2694d ago

It's a list of games readers of the site want. I'm not sure why you feel so threatened by it, abzdine.

black0o2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

80% of level-5 fan base are in JP ..

the day xbone sells more then PS4 in JP -ROFL- we may see level-5 titles coming to the xbone

BTW M$ already had a whole year there and bought a lot of JRPGs and it didnt help the x360 at all so i can't see M$ investing the same amount of money in JP this round

malokevi2694d ago

"The possibility of some these RPGs being remade is actually higher on the PS4. "

Pedro, I totally was not expecting you to say something like that.

Oh wait... I mean, the opposite. Yeah... that.

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Magicite2694d ago

''i really hope SE make FF7 remake and exclusive FF15 and KH3 contents for XB1 :D''

Thats worst fanboy nightmare Ive ever heard of.

Inception2694d ago


"at least MS invested in JRPGs and provided us with great games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, but what did sony do for JRPG fans?? what games they spent money on to make? all i remember is Demon's Souls and umm freaking uncharted? Killzone? GoW?? oh sorry these are not JRPGs!"

Hey kid, FYI, JRPG's like Wild Arms series, Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, Popolocrois series, Arc the Lad series, Dark Cloud series, Soul Sacrifice series, and Rogue Galaxy are JRPG that made (or co-developed), published, and owned by Sony.

And in this gen, besides the amazing Demon's Souls, Sony supported Level 5 by develope & published White Knight Chronicles trilogy and Jeanne D'Arc.

There's also the possibility that Sony help Nippon Ichi Software. Because most of their titles are exclusive for Sony platform.

Not to mention, years ago Sony gave a big help for Squaresoft by promoting (and publishing) FF VII EVERYWHERE. From Pepsi, Rolling Stone, even Playboy had FF VII ads:
Some info said that Sony even toss 100 mill USD just to promote FF VII.

And not just FF VII, Sony also help Squaresoft by publishing some of their titles like FF Tactics (one of the best FF i ever play), Saga Frontier, Tobal no 1, Bushido Blade, Einhander, and The Bouncer in the west.

Sony already gave a lot to JRPG fans. That's why i'm asking back to you:

Beside Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Infinite Undiscovery, what other thing that MS do in this gen to satisfy JRPG fans?????

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Magicite2694d ago

No You dont want JRPG's on Xbox, it has already been proven in current gen, even such great game as Last Odyssey sold very poor (less than 1 million units).

Snookies122694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

"Ni no Kuni Quite possibly the PS3's last great JRPG."

Hey, Tales of Xillia came out a little after that and was fantastic too.

Either way though, some good choices for sure. I refuse to give up hope on seeing an updated FFVII... D:

Jubez1872694d ago

NNK was garbage, so there's that too.

Snookies122694d ago

It didn't really suit my tastes, so I only played about 10-15 hours before stopping. Though I recognize that it was a very beautiful game, and had some good moments. I certainly wouldn't call it anything less than a decent game.

Even if it wasn't up my alley, I know it was a wonderful game to others.

Dragonborn3122694d ago

Knights of The Old Republic HD would be amazing.

HarryMasonHerpderp2694d ago

That game needs a remake the graphics look awful when you play it now even in HD. Amazing game though.

black0o2694d ago

Xbox and RPG don't do that well .. only Action-based RPSs may hve a chance

OrangePowerz2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Ni No Kuni doesn't need a graphics upgrade.

As for KoTOR, I rather have a new one instead of replaying a previous game.

Where is Persona?

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