Random 3D gaming considerations

Some random thoughts about 3D gaming written by iWaggle3D upon having played Tumble and Flight Control HD in stereoscopic 3D.

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knifefight4514d ago

It usually makes me motion sick :(

zootang4514d ago

To me 3D is like Stereo/Mono. Once you listen to Stereo you never want to go back to Mono.

Rhezin4514d ago

I've seen 3d, I've played it. Not impressed. They still need to work out all the kinks and people are so blind when they buy something the first time they see it. NEED TO HAVE NEED TO HAVE IT! Plus having to buy a whole new HDTV?! F!CK THAT! No I will probably NEVER get 3D, plus 3D takes away from the slick high definition graphics of 2d.

zootang4512d ago

One of them Mono fanboys ey!

herukuti4513d ago

and in less than 2 weeks ill be enjoying my titles in 3d

4513d ago
4513d ago
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