Eagle Eye Delivers Mouselook for PS3, or Does It?

Critical Gamer writes: There have been many attempts to fake mouse and keyboard for consoles, but Penguin United’s Eagle Eye is the first of its kind for PS3. While the PS3 supports keyboard and mouse controls for certain games, the vast majority of first-person shooters (besides Unreal Tournament 3) opt for a controller-only, even playing field. This is where the Eagle Eye comes in, mapping the movements of the right analogue stick to the movements of a mouse. Does it work? Read on to find out.

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imvix2994d ago

Question is will it blow up? Sony warned against such devices.

Jim Crikey2994d ago

If you attach semtex and then activate it with a remote detonator, most definitely yes.

Otherwise: unlikely.

scruffy_bear2994d ago

Nice not sure I would use it tho


They only made it clear that compatibility of third party peripheral hardware is not on them, if your USB controller don't work, complain to the accessory manufacturer, not Sony.

Sony never said they disabled USB 3rd party controller or that they are deliberating blocking non signed USB hardware, as a matter of fact, everything I tested here still works, from keyboard to printer, looks like they are just getting their asses out of the way.

I think the only reason they made it clear now is because they blocked Jailbreak thumb drives, it could affect something else USB related and they are probably not getting easy on piracy because of non signed 3rd party hardware.

CyberCam2993d ago

As stated below, I have an EE and it works flawlessly with the latest firmware.

WildArmed2993d ago

My old ass knock off ps3 controller works fine so far.

So I have no complaints w/ the new fw

Jockie2994d ago

Doesn't sound all that impressive to me, sure some hardcore COD players will give it a spin though.

scruffy_bear2994d ago

Got to agree if a friend had it I would try it out but I won't waste cash on it

CyberCam2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I have an PenguinUnited EE and I love the damn thing, I guess this guy just can't tweak it properly. I'm noticing that the EE's reviews vary greatly!

To be honest, what makes or break your experience with the EE is your mouse, if you have an everyday low dpi mouse (like I did at first), your experience will not be as good as it should be. I think that's what the author was probably using. However, as soon as I purchased a Logitech G500 the whole experience changed. Setting the G500 to 3200 dpi and lowering your in game sensitivity settings, you'll find a huge different in performance!

All you have to do is go to the PenguinUnited website and hit the fourms for actual settings for the many games/keybord/mice people have tested.

Personally, I've tested and it's works awesome with;

All COD games
Killzone 2
Socom Conf.
Operation Flashpoint

It doesn't work well with;
Farcry 2

IMO, certain technically challenged people shouldn't be review hardware!

Mondayding2993d ago

Hang on, you need a PC to hook this up to your PS3? Ignore.

CyberCam2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

No you don't, that's the great thing about this device!

However, do need a PC to configure you buttons though. You will have to save your configurations from different games on your PC and reload them every time you change games, but it does have the ability to save 2 key mappings on the device.

Cubes2993d ago

Interesting stuff. I hope this peripheral doesnt give players too much of an advantage in games, or it will unbalance the online experience, which is already tarnished with cheaters.