Examiner: Review of the Eagle Eye converter for the PS3

Examiner: Gamers have no doubt noticed a difference between playing first-person shooters on a console and on the PC. While the PlayStation 3 has been home to plenty of fantastic FPS titles, it’s no surprise that even with the Sixaxis controller; PC gamers continue to have an advantage with their own control scheme.

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smoothdude2820d ago

I might have to pick up one of these soon, especially now that killzone 3 is coming out.

thereapersson2820d ago

Id get one of these just to own all the hackers in Black Ops. No other game deserves it.

smoothdude2819d ago

I skipped Black Ops. Right now I am playing Modern Combat Domination. It is okay, but I would like a new shooter :)

ksense2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

god I wish I could play kz3 on my PC with mouse and keyboard. I just suck with the controller in online multiplayer. O well I guess I will do my usual SP play through and coop and dip my feet into multiplayer before giving up lol

I would try these but as long as people keep saying there is lag I am not sure if it is worth it.

Tomkar2819d ago

There is some lag according to some reviewers, everyone that claims that it has problems has also stated that it is much better then a real controller and that the feel of this is as close to a PC as possible. The only problem people seem to have is that a good mouse is needed with I think atlest 2000dpi. I say it's worth a try! Not cool if you miss out on alot of shooters and other games like KZ3, Resistance 3 and Uncharted because you can't use the controller properly.

--------2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

If I wasn't playing on a wall mounted TV with nowhere to place a keyboard and mouse, I'd definitely pick one of these up with a high precision mouse and LED back-lit keyboard. The ability to (legally?) aim, move and fire twice as fast as the enemy is incredibly tempting. I love my SIXAXIS, but if I ever move to a HD Monitor & desk set-up I'll purchase this right away, even if it's just to test it out.

Pandamobile2820d ago

You have to be careful which mouse and keyboard you use. Mice that _require_ a driver to use won't work. Keyboards that require power (back-lit) won't work.

I had to buy a $10 USB keyboard because my G15 wouldn't work with it.

--------2820d ago

That's a real shame mate, but thank-you very much for the advice. I can understand why it wouldn't work, I didn't really think that far into it as it probably won't be possible for me anyway. Whacking the sensitivity up to maximum on Killzone 3 and using the Alternate controller map with some KontrolFreek FPS Freeks will do me for now though!

Dellis2820d ago

PC gamers, get a damn PS3 already

Pandamobile2820d ago

I already have one. That's why I have an eagle eye.

Controllers suck for shooters.

Dave13512820d ago

wtf your saying a keyboard and a mouse are better? youve got to be kidding me. its the most inaccurate untactical setup ever compared to a controller

Pandamobile2820d ago

Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

I'm sure 9/10 people that have a PC and some other platform would agree with me that a mouse is vastly superior to a controller for shooters.

It's a fact. Faster reaction times, faster movement, more accurate movement.

Blaine2819d ago

Whatever, as long as everyone's on equal footing, then there's NO REASON to complain.

If it's on PS3 and everyone's using a controller, then I dominate because over the years I've become extremely proficient with dual analog sticks. The people getting owned have no right to complain because they're using the same exact input method as me. All they have to do is get good, like I did.

But if people start using crutches like the Eagle Eye to get an ADVANTAGE on other players because they suck with the default control scheme, well that's pathetic.

soundslike2820d ago

Way to bring a gun to a knife fight lol
I don't take much fun in playing against weakened opponents, but I'm sure plenty of tryhards out there don't care.
I would like to have this, but just wouldn't be as fun for me.
The author seems to have the inability to make logical statements. Even if the keyboard/mouse setup is faster, that just means that everyone else is faster too, so it can never be "better" unless you play against people without the same controls scheme. And even then, the only thing you proved is that you're a c**t.

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