Fatal Frame 5 Wii Announced; Screens and Gameplay Clip

"Fatal Frame 5 has been announced for the Wii to come out within the next year. Little is known besides a few screens and a small clip of gameplay, but it looks impressive for the Wii with it’s visuals and is a horror game for the Wii that promises to be good and not a port which is something the Wii needs more of. Unfortunately it likely won’t release outside of Japan like Fatal Frame IV. It’s OK if you want to cry on our shoulders, we’ll understand."

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Cloudberry2968d ago

I should be happy for a new Fatal Frame game...

Unfortunately, I don't have a Wii yet.


"Unfortunately it likely won’t release outside of Japan like Fatal Frame IV."


Snakefist302968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Thats not fair they shud announced it to the PS3with move support or Fatal Frame Collection for the PS3.Fatal Frame is one of my favourate survival horror.

dredgewalker2968d ago

I have a Wii but I do agree that a re-mastered edition or new Fatal Frame with Move support is gonna rock. It's unfortunate that I haven't had the opportunity to play this game cause I keep hearing that it's scary and I like scary games!

The_Devil_Hunter2968d ago

Agreed with Snakefist, They should release a collection for the PS3 would def buy it on the first day, it's one of my favorite survival horror series.

Cloudberry2968d ago

Fatal Frame Trilogy Collection in Blu-Ray supports HD, 3D, Trophies, & even MOVE would be nice.

Very nice.

Shnazzyone2968d ago

sucks to be you. your the one who bought a $100+ add-on for five games.

stragomccloud2968d ago

The problem is Fatal Frame never sells well. It's too nitch. It would be waaaaaaaaaay too expensive to make the games in HD.

Fatal Frame 4 is by far the best selling game in the franchise, and I think that the thing only sold about 80k. Wii, being much cheaper to develop for makes such a game possible. The only way that game would sell better, is if it had more action. But that would ruin the Fatal Frame franchise... like Resident Evil.

stragomccloud2968d ago


Wow. Ignorance runs rampant again. So, a game you would have been originallty excited about, loses clout, because it's on one system and not another. you know, I feel sorry for you. So much ignorance that you'll ignore good games just because of the hardware.

If there's one thing that this generation has proved. It's that the majority of gamers, /are/ graphic whores. Well said sir. You're a credit to your generation!

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qface642968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

the fact that its on the wii AGAIN
makes me think those rumors about nintendo partly owning fatal frame now are actually true
they don't seem so paranoid all of a sudden

na-no-nai2968d ago

it is, dont you remember a few years back when they said that nintendo purchase the rights to fatal frame

EYEamNUMBER12968d ago

that actually does look good its a big improvement over fatal frame 4

kaos_fish II2968d ago

Well, if you look around on certain websites you can find Fatal Frame 4 with a complete english translation and (so, I've read) with bug fixes too.

The same happened with God Hater too for the PSP.

No doubt the same with happen with Fatal Frame 5.

Lelouch V Brit2968d ago

This serie is pretty good, Screw you Nintendo you love to show us the middle finger "Unfortunately it likely won’t release outside of Japan " I will get a Modded System to play japanese games.

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Sneak-Out2968d ago

i want it for ps3 ... why only wii? thats was original a playstation title

CrazyForGames2968d ago

well supposedly there was a rumor that was never confirmed nor denied that nintendo now owns and or partly owns a piece of fatal frame
the have a hand in it now or something

sounds a little far fetched but seeing this on the wii again?? does it really sound so crazy?

na-no-nai2968d ago

they do, they own part of the right to fatal frame

matey2968d ago

with GRAPHICS LIKE THAT who need HD ps3 rubbish when i get graphics equal if not better than a HD console without the nrrd for HD wii owns and them graphics are high end pc and make other games look poor in comparison

DuskGolem2968d ago

D: I am wondering why this isn't getting approved though, that would be helpful since today is a new-busy day.

Guitardr852968d ago

Once again they are putting it on a system in which noone will play move nintendo...

EpsilonTeam2968d ago

Fatal Frame 5 for the Wii. Ok since i have a Wii i can live with it. But FF4 naver came out for the west. What makes u think FF5 will?

Mahr2968d ago

"But FF4 naver came out for the west. What makes u think FF5 will?"

It probably won't, but it's not like that will prevent fans from releasing their own translation.

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