Sex in Games is Nothing New

Ever wondered, why Sex in games is such a big thing? Then keep on wondering, since this infographic shows that Sex in Games is nothing new.

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romalias22943d ago

It's a big deal cause of the improvements on graphics these days. seriously it'd be hard to differentiate a sex scene in a game today from one in a porno.

Kurt Russell2943d ago

Still, it shouldn't be a problem... people have sex, it's a fact of life.

DSco42943d ago

I agree so much, why is Sex always such a big deal when it comes to games?

GodsHand2943d ago

Because people who stereotype gamers, consider them to be under age, hence they should not be introduced to such things.

erathaol2943d ago

Oh no! Polygons are having sex with one another! Sin I say! Sin!

RuffRyder2943d ago

This brings back memories of playing a game called virtual sex on the PS1...good times.

HoltzHolzt2943d ago

OMG, some of those titles were my entry to video games :D

crazy17042943d ago

Is anyone in for a hot coffee?

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