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Filena is little more than a replacement for grenades and melee attacks. Syd can throw her at enemies for slow-mo takedowns or time melee attacks for hand-in-hand drubbings. Both work fine, even if throwing her is a little overpowered, but they really aren’t anything more than you’d expect from any competent third-person action hero. Which Syd largely isn’t. It doesn’t take a quantum theorist to see this is rotten.

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despair2940d ago

hmm 3-5 is the consensus for this game, I'm not surprised.

e-p-ayeaH2940d ago

Its a 3 out 10 not 5

Never expected the game to be so disappointing.

thorstein2940d ago

As far as the review goes: Ouch!

HydraxFFx2940d ago

He's saying the scores range from 3/10 to 5/10.

UNCyrus2940d ago

Or are these exceedingly low review scores just peeking my interest in the game even more. There's part of me that keeps saying, "There's no way the game can possibly be THAT bad..."

despair2940d ago

play the demo and you'll see what they're talking about

GiantJedi2940d ago

yeah its pretty terrible

Imperator2940d ago

lol, yea sometimes I like playing really bad games just to see how bad they really are. I honestly have no idea how these devs can put such crap out. Do they even play their own game before releasing it?

tacosRcool2940d ago

Its not Gears of War so it'll never get a good score. I played the demo and quite frankly I didn't think it deserved scores like this.

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Graey2940d ago

if the demo is anything like the 3 is generous.

spunnups2940d ago

cut and paste games deserve these kinds of reviews, don't reward laziness

Fishy Fingers2940d ago

The only thing this game is good for is providing a new found appreciation for Gears of War.

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The story is too old to be commented.