F1 2010 'riddled with game-breaking bugs'

Gamers are reporting a whole host of nasty bugs in Codemasters' otherwise-brilliant F1 2010 game.

Chief among those bugs are:

* AI drivers not pitting at all in a race, or too many times.
* Times that are pre-determined by cpu in qualifying rounds don't relate to actual race pace set by ai in the race itself.
* Pit lane exit/entry lines can be passed over without penalty during a race.
* Fuel Sim Mode has little or no effect on AI drivers.
* Random lockups and game freezes, notably during any interaction with the Live Dashboard on Xbox 360 / XMB on PS3.
* Race results not actually being shown accurately for the proper race itself.
* AI cars unaffected by weather conditions even in rain on slicks.
* Pit Limited on regardless of setting.

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ultramoot3337d ago

I guess most people got fooled by the shiny visuals. I certainly was. Didn't even know there was no safety car, for the first two days. Lots and lots of bugs and/or inconsistencies with a real F1 race, on closer inspection. Codemasters are gonna have to do a LOT better than this for the next game to convince me to buy it.

gcolley3335d ago

sounds like a lot of problems with the AI. this is the one area that should be rock solid. i just don't get it... AI seems to be a problem in every racing game for the last 20 years. how can this not have improved by now. [email protected]#$ the visuals, get the damn game right before you make it pretty

nix3335d ago

don't forget the floaty cars...

markxace3335d ago

Not sure with this game haven't got yet but totally agree about racing games AI. Used to love racing games but now they all cheat, if you're doing well they all speed up & iff you're doing rubish they wait for you. The test i do now is at race start wait 30sec to 1min after rest set off, then go if at end of race still finish above last i don't buy (sometimes given 1min start & finished 1st)