Is Enslaved a slave to “movie game” convention?

VGD writes:"Will Enslaved be volatile and open-minded enough to qualify as a “game” in the sense that ought, one feels, to remain the norm? Or will it be that most tepid of things, a “movie game” or “popcorn muncher”, a squandering of the imagination on a choice-free framework, cinematic safari as opposed to a world to dispose of?"

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Kurisu2941d ago

I've got the game pre-ordered, and this won't change my mind about purchasing it. Heavenly Sword was also quite cinematic heavy, but Ninja Theory done a great job with tying it together with great gameplay. After playing the Enslaved demo I'm positive that this experience will be just as good.

Dipso2941d ago

The writer is trying his best to knock this game for everything that Uncharted 2 was, and then tries to cover his tracks by saying that a few riot shields, propane tanks and multi player made all the difference?! I doubt he's even played anything other than the demo.

DarkTower8052941d ago

Can be a good thing. It let's you get to know the characters and give a shit about them AND the story at hand. The demo thouroughly impressed me and convinced me to pick up this game day 1. The characters have personality, unlike 90% of the rest of games out there, which is what I like in a game.

mrcash2941d ago

Yup cinematics are great, as long as the gameplay holds up as well, when cinematic and gameplay time are nearly identical thats when it poses a problem for me.

Active Reload2941d ago

What I got from this person's write up, was he pities Ninja Theory for creating a detailed adventure but without online to give it replay value, as they've done with Heavenly Sword.

dirigiblebill2941d ago

I reckon it'll be good - I just think it'll be one of those very definite 8/10 actioners that doesn't quite do the universe justice.

Edwin852941d ago

I think Enslaved is a pretty cool guy. eh makes movies and doesnt interact of anything

teedogg802941d ago

I was gonna get this game but just found out that Castlevania comes out on the same day. Maybe I'll pick it up later.

tommyth3cat2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I thought the demo was great fun and a good setup to move the plot forward. I love the environments of this game, much more interesting to look at than the blandness of Fallout games and their post apocalypse types of settings.

However the camera can get a little hyper once in a while but it's hardly game breaking.

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The story is too old to be commented.