5 Great Games You May have Missed this Generation

This holiday, the launch of the Wii U will be upon us, hailing the start of a new generation of consoles. Additionally, its expected that Microsoft and Sony will both be making some sort of next generation console announcement, meaning the next Xbox and PlayStation could launch as soon as Holiday 2013. However, before we leave behind our current crop of consoles, I recommend dusting off your controllers, and pick up a great game you might have missed.

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prototypeknuckles3093d ago

only played enslaved and darksiders
darksiders was great
enslaved was okay

ShinMaster3093d ago

I didn't miss those games. I chose to pass :P

Ha I sound like an ass. But I played a couple of these and could not bring myself to continue any further.

prototypeknuckles3093d ago

its okay that exactly how i feel about some games.

Gaming1013093d ago

lol Exactly, I played enslaved and darksiders too and had the same reaction, although darksiders was extremely derivative, got boring at times, puzzles were tedious to figure out at times, the only things it did right were what it "borrowed" from other games, other things like ripping of Portal's portal gun shooting blue and orange portals, I mean come on, they really had no original ideas.

SilentNegotiator3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Correct title: "5 mediocre games you may have missed this generation"

Seriously, this has to stop. The same 10 or so titles always appear in lists like these. They're MEDIOCRE games that got the attention they deserved as MEDIOCRE games.

Enslaved's combat was incredibly plain, the game was short, and the ending was goofy.
Alan Wake was short, failed at horror, and copy-pasted Steven King with ads slap-dashed into it.
Xenoblade was booooooring.
Darksiders sold just fine and doesn't really belong on this list - it's combat was just sort of "okay" and it stole its ideas left and right, but it was ultimately an decent title.

Ducky3093d ago

^ You have a very odd definition of 'mediocre'

SilentNegotiator3093d ago


Short, unoriginal, boring combat....not at all "odd" descriptors of mediocre games like the ones of this article's list.

Ducky3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

^ The games are, in the author's opinion, great games.
Now you show up and think that you can correct the author, simply because you have a different opinion.

Sorry to say, but if you find Xenoblade to be boring, then that doesn't make it mediocre... and calling that game mediocre is an odd statement.

A game being short is somewhat of a fact, although I'd disagree that AlanWake is short, it seems to be of typical length, not sure of Enslaved. A game being short isn't really a bad thing.
As for a game being unoriginal or boring, that is mostly an opinion and doesn't make for a proper measuring stick because no matter how great a game, there'll always be someone who'll find it unoriginal or boring.

At the risk of making this comment long, I'll add that I recently played Spec Ops:The Line. It was a short game, with rather boring combat. It copied elements from existing works of literature. It satisfies your criteria for mediocrity, but I would disagree in calling it a mediocre game, because it was well thought out game, and gave me an experience unlike any shooter before it.
Similarly, AlanWake was an interesting experience and while I've yet to play Enslaved, it does look like an interesting game.

My definition of a mediocre game is one that fails to provide any new experience. A game which can be substituted with a different game that can do everything better and then some. I don't think the games in the list fall under that category.

tl;dr bla bla bla

Spydiggity3092d ago

alan wake is almost a perfect length, it has an interesting story, and the combat is what resident evil should be. lotta dodging and good reflexes. great atmosphere too.

i've played alan wake about 3 times. i can't say that about too many games. mgs4 and uncharted 1 in this generation are the only other two games i can say that about.

i never beat enslaved, but i really enjoyed the time i spent with it.

darksiders wasn't memorable at all. and mark hamill is the biggest ham in the voice acting industry.

ThanatosDMC3092d ago

Same here. Tried it and didnt like it. Wasted money.

Spenok3092d ago

Sounds like you missed out on some very good games. Oh well though, everyone has their own opinions.

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HebrewHammer3093d ago

Since when was Alan Wake on PS3? LOL

brish3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

It was on the ps3 in a dream i had. Then I woke up! ;-)

Seriously, I wish it was on the ps3.

IAMvideogames3093d ago

Thanks for pointing out the simple error. Though it seems as if Wake is the type of game that would've done well on the PS3. Oh well.

Infernostew3092d ago

The closest I got to playing Alan Wake on ps3 was using my DS3 in the PC version. :/

Spenok3092d ago

It was originally supposed to be on the PS3 as well, however that was canceled a LONG time ago. Maybe that's where they got that information from?

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joab7773093d ago

I've played those and Alan wake, which was brilliant if it only had an end. My problem isn't missing games up until this year, but keeping up now. Amazing rpgs are killing me. But, everyone, especially RPG fans should play and support kingdoms of amalur and dragons dogma, 2 amazing rpgs that r more than worth the money. Dragons dogma is actually quite astonishing with it's endgame content and unique multiplayer. Now, I just need to finish so I can play darksiders 2 which looks to b another long rpg. I can't wait.

bubblebeam3093d ago


Lol, your name might suggest you know something about games. If you did, you'd know that the game "Prey" had the portal based puzzles, before Portal did. So, either way, someone copied someone who copied someone.

showtimefolks3092d ago

enslaved i thought was pretty good and so wanted a sequel since a lot of things could have been improved on.

Darksiders i really want to play and will buy soon since if you have played darksiders than you will get a level 5 armor in darksiders 2 but if you finished darksiders 1 than you will get some even more awesome

so there is incentive to play the 1st, i wish more publisher would do that

TheLastGuardian3092d ago

Rayman Origins
Twisted Metal
The Sly Collection
Resistance 3

^ must play gems

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Wingsfan243093d ago

Enslaved has to be one of my favorite games this generation. It's one of the only games that you could really feel a relationship grow between the two characters.

To the guy below mentioning it being an Uncharted wannabe, have you thought that maybe Last of Us is taking some cues from Enslaved?

srcBFMVBMTH3093d ago

"have you thought that maybe Last of Us is taking some cues from Enslaved?"

That's highly unlikely. More like I Am Legend.

Relientk773093d ago

Thats true, Enslaved was really good in showing the connection and relationship between Monkey and Trip evolve. Very good

Wingsfan243093d ago

I'm not talking about the environmental aspects and infected. I'm talking about the connection between the characters.

srcBFMVBMTH3093d ago

Oooh, okay. Now that I could see.

Kingdom Come3093d ago

Well, Enslaved's Lead Designer is working on The Last of Us...

M1am1U3092d ago

Enslaved did a great job at developing characters and making you care about what happened to them. I enjoyed the game very much.

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oldfriend863093d ago

I enjoyed Alan Wake, but it started to feel like Deadly Premonition gameplay...and I'd rather play that game.

3093d ago
Jio3093d ago

Enslaved wasn't the best game, but it was really refreshing. I liked it.