Top 10 Worst Console Controllers

GamerNode's Matthew Erazo writes, "There have been some great videogame console controllers. Sony's DualShock, Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller, and Nintendo's Super Nintendo pad are some of the most well designed and ergonomic controllers ever.

But not every controller can be a winner. Throughout gaming's short history, numerous companies have attempted to create controllers for every situation. Some are to merely squeeze a profit out of a niche market, while others try to offer glimpses into the foreseeable future, where bat-shit crazy designers rule the world.

In the spirit of this insane future, I take a look into the past and dig up the shallow corpses of ten truly horrible abominations of plastic."

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SilentNegotiator2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

In B4 fanboys start debating about current gen controllers.

As much as I liked the N64, I really hated the way the controller was designed. It was designed for an octopus, successfully making taking advantage of all of the buttons impossible.

LOL, LaserScope. I love the video of AVGN playing with it.

Sega Activator, U-Force, Roll and Rocker....way to over-complicate simple things.

WildArmed2941d ago

I eventually started liking my N64 controller.
After playing Killer Instinct and Zelda:OoT For hundreds of hours you get used to it's horrible mapping lol

but wow, Half the controllers on the list I didn't know existed..
Sega's activator.. just wow.

Voyevoda2941d ago

i didnt know many of those existed either.

jerethdagryphon2941d ago

i knew about em but then im sad

however i find the text on this

to be very interesting it seems ms cant even come up with there own slogans now but reuse 20 year old ones

N4GAddict2941d ago

I thought the N64 controller was fine.

PS3Freak2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )


In regards to this article. It's obvious that the 3 arms was for if you were using the D pad or the joystick. It's not like the extra one ever got in the way.

Bobby Kotex2941d ago

The N64 controller was innovative. Obviously not perfect, but it doesn't belong with the other controllers.

gcolley2941d ago

first rumble, first analog thumbstick, first trigger not in a light gun. left and right handed use. yeah bad controller. i bet this guy has never used one.

yeah man, i really hate it when my controllers mock me.

this article fails on so many levels

italianbreadman2941d ago

...I would've listed the N64 controller as one of the BEST controllers....


rwarner1742941d ago

Absolutely, It is by far my favorite controller.

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N4GAddict2941d ago

Those are some bad controller designs.

Orionsangel2941d ago

What, no Atari 5200 controller?

madpuppy2941d ago

the 5200 controller with it's non-centering analog stick was one piece of garbage. owning the 5200 was an exercise in regret, regret that you didn't get the colecovision like everybody else.

-Judge_Fudge2941d ago

teh powha gloave it does nothin

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