Fatal Inertia Weapons Profile + new screenshots

Gamespot have revealed some new screenshots and info and the PS3 racing title Fatal Inertia.

To read up on all the info and check out the cool next-gen screenies simply read-on.....

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THE TRUTH5389d ago

check out how much the game has improved!!!

TGS is going to be something special "mark my words"!

General5388d ago

I agree with you on that one man, TGS is going to rock.

Bhai5388d ago

For one, the jaggies are totally gone ! Something like that couldn't be seen coming from a dev like Koei, for another aspect the environments are really more diverse than were shown ever before. There are also jungles, lava caverns and glaciers with the canyons. I wonder how lengthy that game will be. I played 5 years back an excellent PC title named 'Star Wars Episide I : Racer' ! in which the 'pod-racing' aspect of the phantom menace was taken into detail. So obviously I have such afftection for this title too, for hover racing has some insanely enthrilling outlook that can't be overlooked. Now such improvements on this title here has made me much vulnerable to get out and buy that one !

Sevir045388d ago

Koei has come a great long way with this game and i had my doubts but i'm sure that this game will make up for the lack of wipeout at launch. this game has been totally revamped... the fact the screens show that means that the game will be in playable form for the first time... not like at e3 where it was just a trailer running on actual hardware.. ^^ is anyone up for unline play with this at launch... because this game totally looks as if it's going to rock. the background and environment is awesome the detail has seen some great improvement... this is a game thats running on UE3 and one of the first launch titles for ps3 to use such a powerfull next gen engine... it looks good. Now all i wanna see is Ridge Racer 7 new screen... ^^ TGS man TGS. this is the second ps3 title i will snatch up at launch

specialguest5388d ago

is this game made by the makers of wipeout? because wipeout is a pretty good and solid game.

Sevir045388d ago

these guys did the dynasty warriors and the sumarai warriors and kessen series on ps2 and xbox and even xbox 360. there canada studio is the one thats doing this game and using the Unreal engine 3, Wipeout is by Sony and Liverpool europe studios. so thats that... this game looks sweet and will be out for release on launch day

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The story is too old to be commented.