ModNation Monday: Gran Turismo Creator Takes a Test Drive

Chuck Lacson on Playstation Blog writes: "Big week for ModNation. It’s not everyday that the creator of the biggest racing franchise EVER takes another racing game for a spin … and has a good time doing it. On top of that Air Raid is available to all tomorrow on the PSN.

Be on a look out for more great MNR news tomorrow right here on the PS.Blog."

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8-bit3955d ago

Awesome. I haven't picked this game up in a while. It was really addicting at first. I must play it now.

Cevapi883955d ago

i want to race on that track

nickjkl3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

wait thats not translator san

also they should never get rid of the thing that says playstation

plb3954d ago

How is MNR? I wanted to pick it up at some point but I heard about really long load times. True?

8-bit3954d ago

fixed the load times. Great game if you like kart racers.

eddispider3954d ago

MNR is a mediocre mariokart clone that runs on 30fps ,nintendo should not worry, mariokart is 3 times better game

3954d ago