Has Microsoft finally turned a corner?

Which? Convo writes: It’s all too easy to slag off Microsoft, especially if you’re running Windows Vista. But have things changed recently? Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9, Xbox Kinect… Microsoft looks like it might be on a roll.

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8-bit2947d ago

Turned a corner right into a wall.. Kinect's future is up in the air and no one really knows what will happen.

techie2947d ago

Well, it looks like it'll sell well. Whether it's any good is another matter

sinclaircrown2947d ago

Sony and MS are both trying to capture the casual market from Nintendo.

They'll both have a tough time, but right now Move is looking like it will get the casuals and the core.

I hope Kinect can be used in some way for core games down the line. I'm hoping for a more of a controller/motion working together.

We'll see. Fanboys on both sides will trash either product and yell "EPIC FAIL" every chance they get. But if the casual market can get enjoyment out of the products, then its a success for both companies.

Keith Olbermann2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I know no casual player excited for Kinect and those that are think its a stand alone device. "What, I have to buy an entire xbox to play Kinectamals?" That will be the casuals thinking.There are few excited for the Move as well but I bank on Sony selling more of that than Kinect.

Sarcasm2947d ago

Honestly, Windows 7 is one of MS's good products. I've been using it on all my computers at home and so far it works pretty good. Though the occasional incompatibility issue arises here and there, it's nothing worth noting.

rockleex2947d ago

And then slowly die off.

All the while PS Move will steadily gain momentum.

How do I know all this? Kevin Butler told me when he "Moved" from the future to our present time. ^_^

ProjectVulcan2947d ago

Kinect if it fails wouldnt be a deadly financial disaster in the short term, but it could affect the Xbox brand in the long term, certainly. Confidence is key in the game industry.

The other thing that Microsoft will desperately want to work is Phone 7 without a doubt. That market is cutthroat right now, and if 7 sinks then it will hurt microsoft A LOT in the mobile sector.

Organization XII2947d ago

It will fail, just like the original box... who wants to play with a virtual kitty..damn

darthv722947d ago

maybe the same bunch that liked playing with virtual dogs...?

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Letros2947d ago

Xbox 360 is a minor aspect of the company, $18 B in 2010 recorded profits, they will probably just shrug off Kinect if it fails.

techie2947d ago

True, which means the other mentioned products in the article are just as important.

Hank Hill2947d ago Show
Adrela2947d ago

@Hank Hill;
They've never raised the price of LIVE before that when they could of. LIVE takes a lot of money to run and you just can't rely on profits from other products to keep it running. This is a rough time. :/

Organization XII2947d ago

well live is just a communist ploy by MS, man who pays for online gaming, 360 fanboys wake the F%^& UP...

Adrela2947d ago

That's a cute way to put Microsofts way of getting a profit..."Communist plot"
Now, tell me, what would you call Sonys PSN Plus? I'm curious.

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N4GAddict2947d ago

Kinect will do well I think.

plb2947d ago

Or it could the way of the Sega CD.

drewboy7042947d ago

I like the old school reference but Sega didn't completely fail

darthv722947d ago

i think you mean 32x because the sega cd succeeded more than it failed.

Rrobba2947d ago

This exactly, I think it will either be a huge success or a complete failure...only time will tell though.

Omega42947d ago

Kinect will do well, if you are one of the many people who have played it you would also know it works.

If MS can achieve their 3ml goal for Kinect thats

$150 x 3ml = $450,000,000

Im sure MS will be quite happy with that in just 2 months.

Fishy Fingers2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

They dont make anything close to the full RRP from a product, plus they probably have a huge R&D bill to cover.

I'm pretty sure it will be successful, but your math there is rather naive.

truehunter2947d ago

Fishy Fingers is correct, Retailing, ads, coverage, Distribution, manufacture is gonna cost. Think about it. When PS3 didnt make any income for that department they where losing money. By the account i think Kinect cost less then 70$ to make.

drewboy7042947d ago

Most likely that will break them even and after the first 4-5 months they'll start making money from hardware. Software will probably be key to tell if its doing well. For example so many wiis were sold but most people don't play with it any more and after the initial wave of games like wii fit and wii play the software sales have been poor. Sure some games have there moments and keep selling but with two times as many Ps3's sold the wii should have a lot more titles selling better. Also many good wii games never become popular because nintendo didn't market them and they weren't first party. Take Okami for the wii as an example.

dangert122947d ago

of coures they have

Xbox one Microsoft arguable the best console services etc and even though it had a much small libary they were on the up studio's like bungie rare etc

xbox 360 hardrive ??? nah you have to pay extra for that so what if the memory card with gave you had less memory then the original xbox were make progress...i mean profit loads 2
i could go on microsoft dont care they'll be gone after next gen

niceguywii602947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Says you. I feel sort of sorry for you guys. The only control you have is agreeing with trolls almost thinking the amount of agrees gives ridiculous desperate and silly comments validity.

"Kinect's future is up in the air"

On N4G and other pro Sony sites it is where reality on these sites differs from actual reality. Take a break you've been trolling non stop since you made that account a month ago.

8thnightvolley2947d ago

MS are not the company of before i believe and they are beginning to deliver quality stuff so i hope they improve and get better coz the old crappy stuff is old and ppl knw what is good and what is not.

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Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2947d ago

1.Kinect not working right
2.Losing bungie as a developer
3.Getting into bed with kotick
4.Live price Increase
5.Exclusive games looking and playing old and dated
6.Only new excluisves being kinect only party games
7.Rare making crap
9. Valve telling MS to stick it
10.GFWL being a total failure

more like fell off a cliff, than turned a corner.

dizzleK2947d ago

Yet they're still beating Sony. How do you like them apples?

8-bit2947d ago


2011 exclusives

1. killzone 3
2.motorstorm apocalypse
3. LBP2
4.socom 4
5. sorcery
6. journey
7. heroes on the move
8. final fantasy vs 13 (likely 2012 release and multiplat)
9. infamous 2
11. twisted metak ps3
12. resistance 3
13. ratchet and clank 4 one
14. the last guardian
15. yakuza 4
16. agent (likely 2012 too)


1. gears of war 3
2. forza with kinect
3. star wars kinect
4. codename kingdoms
5. Haunt
6. Project Draco
7. codename D
8. Steel Battalion
9. Nightmares

360 has Gears and a bunch of Kinect titles. How do you like them apples?

sinclaircrown2947d ago

"Yet they're still beating Sony."

At what?

mac_sparrow2947d ago

I quite like them apples, bit Granny Smith like. Now if only someone here could provide me with some sour grapes then I could whip up an overly tart crumble.

ArtsyGamer2947d ago

The 360's exclusive lineup for next year looks pretty bad right now.

Stealth20k2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Your also missing the trinity zoll,another world, disgaea 4, ar tonelico III, atelier totori, media visions ps3 project, kojima ps3 exclusive,PoP collection,Splinter cell coollection, mortal kombat collection

incoming ps3 exclusives

plb2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

sales != quality. Wii beats both but most Wii games are not my type of games. Plus how many of those 360 are from repurchases? Most people I know who have been with 360 since the beginning have gone through about 3 or more systems because of RROD.

Active Reload2947d ago

You know, it would be nice if you placed your PS3 list in, I don't know, maybe a PS3 article. I think you'd look less like a desperate troll.

Imperator2947d ago

@8 bit

The only thing is that those 360 games you mentioned are not 360 exclusives, they're Kinect exclusive. If you're not buying Kinect then all you got is Gears 3.

N4PS3Fanboys2947d ago


You're right, Sales =/= Quality, Sales = Success. That's why Microsoft is beating Sony right now. And I don't know about the Wii... Just look at last week's worldwide hardware sales from VGChartz:

360: 278,639
PS3: 142,771
Wii: 134,706

The Wii is getting beaten by even the PS3! The PS3! These are some dark days indeed for the Wii.

drewboy7042947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

@8-bit beating means sales and while you use all 2011 exclusives you can take out every game on that list other than the top 3 and add Reach and sales will equal the first 7 games at least. Before you bother commenting I want you to know i am aware that Reach sold better then any game in the top 7 in its first week alone so you don't need to break out the stats or PS2 references. Also Mass effect 3 has a chance of coming late 2011, PGR5 will most likely come next year. If your gonna add some games for the PS3 that may not crack a million you could bother adding all the big 360 exclusives.

Also in a different argument notice he said still beating as in present time as in he doesn't care about 2011,2012 or 2050!

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omi25p2947d ago

so by you saying an unreleased product thats shown a few glitches recently means it wont work at all then i guess all the tiny niggles in the gran turismo videos have put you off it completely,
(not saying its a bad game because it obviously isnt but because of a few glitches before launch you cant exactly moan)

bungie has left but the leads have started 343 studios so they have the brains behind bungie

id like you to have a look at gears of war 3 before you say xbox games look old and by old gameplay do you mean like god of war 3 which is just a graphical update from god of war 2
(not saying god of war 3 is a bad game because it isnt)

valve have said lots of stupid things in the past and often contradict them self so them saying screw u to ms will more than likely change.

techie2947d ago

IE9 sounds good. Surprised that its last that amount of the browser market share. I use Chrome...don't think I'll be looking back.

tacosRcool2947d ago

Chrome has too many compatibility issues with websites so i reverted back to Firefox. IE9 might be worth using

DeathMetal2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

and it rocks,way faster than firefox and has a 64 bit version, also has hardware acceleration, uses more than one core unlike FF and has exclsuive features that integrate with win 7, website junplists, tear a tab into half page. Try it

drewboy7042947d ago

It looks good and i'll say I'm a chrome user because IE8 seems slow. Also I'm glad to see someone talking about the none gaming part of the article and possibly a more important part

2cents2947d ago

Fairly good read till "Rather than merely taking the route headed up by Nintendo’s Wii, and now lamely followed by Sony’s PlayStation Move"

He reduced the quality of the whole article by adding a personal fanboy statement.

techie2947d ago

Yes, but when you click on the link on 'PlayStation Move' you get this: http://conversation.which.c... A positive PS Move article. Diff people on same site have diff opinions I guess.

tacosRcool2947d ago

Will all the time and money invested in Kinect and IE0, why doesn't MS spend some more money on the Zune? Where's the new models and how bout some more games? No wonder why Apple is the second largest company now in terms of capital...

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