Warhound Screenshots

Warhound is a non-linear first person perspective action shooter set in modern times. Take the role of an elite mercenary who will not hesitate to undertake even impossible tasks... for the right price.

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tudors4075d ago

I bet there are lots of games we don't know about.

ParaDise_LosT4075d ago

Nice :o
ITs no Crysis....but its pretty damn close..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4075d ago

It's so funny you already have "Crysis fans" and none have played the game, LOL and they will all defend it like it's there first born child.

This game is being developed muliplatform from the get go and will get into the gamers hands first, because while EA is still deciding to make Crysis multiplatform (it will) Warhound is going multi from the start and starting to look better than Crysis in some ways and gaining fast.

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