HonestGamers Retro Review // Altered Beast

Not only that, it succeeded: whereas the “technically brilliant” titles of yesteryear now wallow in their “good for their time” dubiety, Altered Beast remains the same guilty pleasure it always has. Undoubtedly, I think it was its vision all along to become the cheesy cult-classic of the video game world, to be so exuberantly, intriguingly ridiculous it would never be forgotten. Keep laughing at the thought, the absurd notion its lambasted legacy has only helped it become what it is. It’s Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. It won.

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B-Real2063343d ago

Rise from your graves, man I sunk all kinds of quarters into this game back in the the skating rink......fuck.......I'm old. This is also one of the few genesis games that I still own. Classic

MrMccormo3343d ago

Don't you mean to say "wwwise fwom yow gwwwave" in a muffled voice?


GodsHand3343d ago

I've done the same thing, at a pizza joint we used to have down here. Fantasic two player game, if I say so myself.