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isarai537d ago


Really smart and tech conscious move though. I mean everyone is downloading these for free anyway on mediocre emulars on their phone anyway, so do this and you give a much easier and more refined way to do so that not only allows them to browse/discover games they never played but will certainly earn Sega some good publicity to the masses

jrshankill536d ago

Streaming from mobile / tablet to TV is super easy now. Console controllers support bluetooth.

Why complain about something that is free?

-Foxtrot537d ago


Why not give console players a bigger, better Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection

cha0sknightmare537d ago

This whole thing would have been so much better on console....guess they are just pursuing the mobile market as its big in Japan.

godashram537d ago

hmm... I get a "cannot be installed on your device's country" error when attempting to install....So not available in the US yet?

optimus537d ago

I read another article that said it starts on Thurs. And today is wed. (In the u.s.) so check back tomorrow.

godashram537d ago

Started working about an hour ago (Still wednesday here) and Sonic just went free too.. you just have to manually search for it since the link on the Sega Forever site is broken (Sega delisted the $2.99 version and relisted it as free)

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The story is too old to be commented.