APB Subscribers Denied Refund

Subscribers to All Points Bulletin (APB), the MMOG developed by Realtime Worlds, have been told not to expect a refund by the collapsed firm's adminstrators.

The game was taken offline last week after administrator Begbies Traynor announced it could not find a buyer to save it, with players given a few days to "say goodbye" before the servers were turned off.

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NewsForMe2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

and you wonder why people don't give new things a chance.

I thought the game was pretty good after playing the beta, but not worth a sub. I'd rather play GTA San Andreas or IV online for free.

Akagi2967d ago

I do play San Andreas online and for free. It's awesome. Rooms with people of 100+ doing anything and everything. It's hectic.

Count2968d ago

''However, publisher Electronic Arts has reportedly offered buyers a free game from its library as a goodwill gesture.''

Man, EA has really changed.

ABizzel12967d ago

That sucks, but I shocked by EA giving away a free game. I'm sure it's titles already released, but I'm sure there's something you can find.

EA has really impressed me this gen.

Take lessons Activision, instead of bad mouthing EA you need to learn from them.

Blaine2967d ago

surprised me.

I knew it would be a good game, but it was better than I expected. And I got it for 20$, so I'm quite happy with my purchase.

vickers5002967d ago

EA used to be the bad guys, but they've really cleaned up their act. They are not without their flaws though (online pass ftl).

lucifon2967d ago

I can confirm this is true. I needed to fire over proof of reciept of my purchase of APB and they will let me pick a Digital Download game from the EA store - no preorders though. My choice was Dragon Age Awakening, still waiting on the reply e-mail.

The thing is alot of gamers had gametime and RTW points on their account when the game went kaput - that could pretty much be seen as stealing.

2967d ago
Trollimite2967d ago

lots of MMOS are doing it now adays. all they have to do is charge for premium content.

CrippleH2967d ago

They would have to pay their own money to keep the servers up. This game is already a money pit.

Theoneneo812967d ago

Just do Micro Trans it shows if you do it the right way it will work

Koblec2967d ago

I feel a lawsuit coming on...

Theoneneo812967d ago

There giving people another game

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