5 Memorable Video Game Industry One-Hit Wonders

Just like the music industry, success can a hard thing to come by in video games. Some developers who stumble upon a blockbuster manage to turn one success into another and pump out hit after hit. Others simply spend years slogging it out with low-budget or licensed titles for no reward. One-hit wonders, however, crack the big-time just once, nailing a product everyone remembers but failing to ever reach those giddy heights again.

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Relientk772389d ago

Omg I am shocked they put Berzerk from the Atari 2600 on there. I love that game, it was so much fun.

Hicken2389d ago

As a kid, that game scared the crap outta me. I only played it when I wanted to NOT play Centipede or Joust(and I ALWAYS wanted to play them). And when I did, I could only play a few levels before I was freaked out.

It was a secondhand copy without the manual, and I have no idea how I figured out how to play, but somehow I did, and somehow I enjoyed it while I was terrified.

andrewsqual2389d ago

More recently Spiderman Shattered Dimensions was awesome too. The Activision saw the money and told those guys that they would be making Spiderman games from now on. A year later they released Edge of Time which bombed in sales and in reviews. Now because of Activision's broken system, the same developer has 8 months to put out the next Spiderman game which also looks like complete ass.
The same thing happened with the guys who made Transformers War for Cybertron, a year to make the next game (which was ass) and now because of that they have only a year to make Fall of Cybertron which more then likely will be ass but we will have to wait and see about that one. Activision will close these 2 studios in the next 12 months.

FlareDReborn2389d ago

I really thought LAN was gonna be something great..

Wintersun6162389d ago

And it was! One of my favourite games last year.