Goku Vs. Naruto: Who would win?

David Hutchison from Coregamer: OK so it’s that time of the week again. Time has come yet again for another deadly face off. This week it’s one on one and Vie decided to pit DBZ's Goku against Naruto from...well...Naruto. Goku with his spiky hair and energy attacks and Naruto with his Jutsus, going to be a tough one folks, lets review!


Visit us at and give us your votes and opinions! you could win a drumstick lolly. We have also added a Naruto Vs. Goku youtube video.

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CrazyForGames2945d ago

what kind of question is that?

goku would win without even trying

Mooshy_Muffin2945d ago

How? Explain your reasoning :D ?

CrazyForGames2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

the fact that goku can destroy the entire planet? is that not reason enough?
not even just goku pretty much anyone in the DB universe can destroy planets

goku wouldn't even need to power up 1 punch would be enough to kill naruto

morkendo232945d ago

1 billion percent who put this crap on n4g???
if goku not enough match naruto with gohan. naruto
surely cant beat CELL,TRUNK,VAGETA,FREEZA.
start off with piccalo FIRST haaaaa

morkendo232945d ago

are you trying to imply naruto have super-sayian level 9 power or power as or near to beat goku?? I doubt that SERIOUSLY. be cool if they had a animation movie to watch.

my money is on Goku

Mooshy_Muffin2945d ago

No I wasn't implying anything I was just interested to see what people said.

Senden2945d ago

Stupid article.. the difference in powers in both series is stupid.. Naruto vs Ichigo would have been a far better comparison.

CrazyForGames2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

not really considering ichigo is a spirit and only has powers when he becomes a spirit/ghost whatever you feel like calling him

even then ichigo is for sure more powerful than naruto

morkendo232945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

@ mooshy_muffin
after realizing your a female and dont know about dragon ball z I see why you approve this crap your a new generation and think naruto is all that and a bag of chips haaaaaa NOT!! I can see if you said : who do you think will beat between freiza vs. incredible HULK dumb as that sound its better than goku vs naruto

Mooshy_Muffin2945d ago

I think that this is a little uncalled for. Just because I'm female doesn't mean I have inferior wisdom to yours. I think what you have said is incredibly rude and immature. As long as it's spelled correctly and grammatically sound, I let my writers put whatever opinions they have out there. You are entitled to your opinion but please don't personally insult me because I'm a girl.

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